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ADA Doors – Americans with Disabilities Act

The Great Lakes Security Hardware is a leading locksmith service provider that has been in the industry for years. Our company`s history begins from the days when we were servicing residential garage doors. Indeed, we have been offering residential door repair and installation services for many years. Today, we are happy that our business has grown over the years into a complete ADA doors expert in both residential and commercial markets.

Our key business focusses on commercial applications to include manual storefronts, automated storefronts, automatic gate operations for parking lots, overhead door for warehouses, access controls for the secured openings, and handicap access control to comply with the current American Disability Act (ADA doors) requirements.

All our ADA Doors technicians are AAADM certified. In addition, our technicians are qualified for various types of specialized handicap door repairs and installations.

Our Services

For sure, every business owner must always ensure that the existing doors of their business provide all their customers with usefulness, security, and convenience that was meant to be. Great Lakes Security Hardware has operated this business for many years. We offer various products that come from proven manufacturers that can offer our clients the perfect door solutions for every budget and situation. As an ADA door specialist, we offer doors that are:

• Lasting & Durable

• Guaranteed to be of the highest quality

• Simple to operate in order to satisfy our clients` door solutions

• Meets different building codes

• Offer the required security

There hasn’t been a better time to improve the appearance, overall security, and the feel of a business with the help of commercial door solutions from Great Lakes Security Hardware.

What We Provide

Quality ADA doors will improve accessibility, convenience, and security of the business. This is crucial since business equipment & inventory are key assets to the business. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we install ADA doors that meet and exceed the toughest test for durability and performance. Indeed, our doors meet all specifications of our clients` security requirements, while addressing the building code needs.

Our products and an extensive variety of high-quality manufacturers enable our company to provide our customers with correct ADA doors solutions.

Why Choose Us

We beat our competitors is because of the following:

• We are knowledgeable, skilled, and competent

• We are committed to serving our clients

• All our door specialists are experienced

• We offer excellent customer service

• We are rated top by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware today for all of your commercial door needs.

ADA Doors

Handicapped ADA Door Operators Macomb Co

Handicapped ADA Door Operators

Handicapped ADA Door Operators/ installations offer a cost-effective and an easy way to equip businesses with accessible entrances. Our handicap door operators can help an individual outfit a facility or a store with an ADA-compliant entryway. Besides, they can help convert manual doors to automatic for easy accessibility. Admittedly, we do the conversion without the costs or hassle associated with reconstruction of an entire doorway.

Our company is the leading handicapped ADA doors operators and openers in the region. We are specialized in reachable barrier- free supply and designs. We understand the needs of all our clients who live with disabilities and illness. Besides, we are quick to respond to the needs of those family members who wishes for a safe aging. Indeed, any individual with limited mobility will be advantaged from our services.

Our Installation

Our stores are a one-stop shop for any manufacturer. We provide comprehensive building services and products ranging from quality frames, doors to installers. Our handicapped door specialists believe strongly that the design of handicap doors does not have to be institutional or sterile in any way, but rather beautiful. Our past satisfied customers prove this fact time to time.

Our team of technicians offers an exemplary on-site installation of hardware new doors and frames. Also, our experts have the needed skills and expertise in the modification of existing frames, hardware, and doors. With our company’s pre-delivery installation, we can deliver to our doors to the site of our clients. In fact, our doors are ready and only needs to be hung in the framed openings whose hardware is pre-installed.

The types of installations that we have include new doors, frames &hardware, door, frame & hardware upgrades, and renovation of existing openings for ADA compliance. We also install automatic operators and plus removal and replacement of the existing openings. For sure, all our installations are tailored to fit the needs of our customers.

ADA-Compliant Handicapped Door Operators

Our technicians can install new or retrofit existing doors with ADA-compliant operators like Magic-Access, Magic-Swing, and Magic-Force.

The magic-access operator is a low-energy opener which allows a swing door to open automatically by pressing a pushbutton or a wall switch. For enhanced safety options, this driver uses a card reader to open a door automatically.

Magic Force is the most versatile ADA operator that we have. We configure this option upon installation so as to enhance either a knowing act (low-energy) or motion activate (full-energy) automation. With this operator, our clients can be able to employ the right type of automation that is needed for doorways without necessarily changing the entire mechanism.

Magic Swing operator, on the other hand, is a full-energy ADA door opener which is heavy-duty. This door opener converts any manual entrance into a fully programmed door. Moreover, it allows for smooth &strong control in applications that has high air pressure and winds.

Contact Us 

For any question about installation or literature, drawings and specifications for a disabled ADA operator, our company sales representatives are always ready to work a client’s ADA needs. Don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

Handicapped ADA Door Operators

Handicapped ADA Door Operators

Automatic Doors For You Business

Studies show businesses with automatic doors are perceived by consumers to have a higher level of service than those that do not. An automatic door can be a great a way to help position a company a step above.

Automatic Commercial Doors

For older demographics. When buildings are in neighborhoods with an older demographic, such as near a retirement community, automatic doors can provide a huge competitive advantage. Retail stores, movie theaters, and restaurants that welcome customers with an auto open and close door are much appreciated by those who may be dealing with disabilities, canes, and walkers.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors generate energy savings, improve operations, enhance user experience, and attract occupants and tenants.
automatic doors