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When it comes to keeping your commercial doors in good condition, you should find a reputable and professional door repair and maintenance company you can fully depend on.

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Our Great Lakes Door Maintenance and Security Hardware is the most preferred company that has served the area for decades. While in service, our top-notch company has completed several maintenance and repairs in the commercial buildings and the residential housing sectors. Our cost effective services range from replacements, repair, and maintenance of door and window products. Indeed, our flexibility is testified by the range of clients whom we serve.

Having served the industry for many years, our team of professionals has continuously earned confidence in dealing with either small or big job. In fact, our experts work tirelessly to ensure quality maintenance and service. Indeed, our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our services.

The success of our company has opened a world of repair and maintenance services. Today, we are working with various property managers and social residential clients. Indeed, our approach is fully accepted in the industry. In fact, the range of satisfied customers has continuously sold the image of our company thereby building a strong reputation; thanks to our clients.

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One of our core values at the Great Lakes Security Hardware company is expertise which is created by competent, well led, strong and market-focused teams. Frankly, we appreciate teamwork to realize our success. In fact, we are working with the qualification providers and trainers to ensure that our staff remain equipped and fully up to date with all the skills needed in their job. Furthermore, we work with major specialist suppliers for the technical and specific solutions that suit our skills.

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We prioritize the needs of our clients at GLSH. In fact, we use computerized dispatch and scheduling systems to ensure effective and prompt responses to all door maintenance and repair needs. We also offer affordable and realistic quotes to all our clients.

Our reliable services, competitive pricing, committed personnel, experience and qualified & well-trained technicians are the reason for our outstanding performance and leading company in the county. In fact, many other security companies in the region have done the benchmark at the Great Lakes Security Hardware.

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From servicing the industrial to social building doors, our technicians have enough experience. Besides we have the best friendly customer care. In a case of any door repair or maintenance need, please feel free to call us. Never hesitate to let our team of experts work on your security problems.

Door Maintenance

Security Hardware Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Door-Hardware Maintenance Includes Lubrication, Adjustment

Most door-hardware components require maintenance at some point, due to general wear and tear from regular use. Among the most common types of repairs for these components are lubrication, adjustment, alignment and weather sealing.

  • Lubrication is required once every six months to a year for all
  • security hardware, depending on the type of door and its level of use. Hinges and door closers should get a few drops of penetrating oil at the top so it runs down into the wearing surface between the pin and the housing. Security lock mechanisms that need lubricant should get a shot of dry graphite from a spout-type bottle. In addition to simply providing lubrication for door hardware, this step prevents freezing in cold weather. A good time to schedule lubrication is just before cold weather starts. Technicians should not lubricate electronic locks because graphite is an insulator and will interfere with current flow through contacts.
  • Regarding security hardware adjustments, the two parts of a door that most often require attention are hinges and closers. During lubrication, technicians should check hinge screws for tightness. In time, wood door frames dry out and screw holes open up, so the screw continues turning. When this happens, your security hardware technicians should fill the hole with appropriate hardening filler, redrill the hole and replace the screw — or place a screw insert in the hole and replace the screw.
  • Closers operate either pneumatically using air or hydraulically using oil. Over time, the door begins to bang against the stop or does not close all the way. Technicians can correct this security hardware problem by adjusting the screw on the cylinder. This security hardware step regulates the stroke so the door just closes against the stop without banging or leaving a gap. Closers come with installation and adjusting instructions and parts lists. Managers should file these and give them to the tradesperson when making the preventive maintenance assignment, a move that will save technicians a great deal of time at the job site trying to figure out how the mechanism works. This job is probably not going to be done very often, so the operation of each different type of closer or lock will be only vaguely familiar to the tradesperson, even if the same person does it every year.

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