Use Only High-Quality Door Locks

Your home security begins at your front door with your deadbolt and lock. We recommend the use of only high-quality door locks from the trusted dealers or brands. Reputable dealer such as Great Lakes Security Hardware sells quality locks that hardly fail and offer excellent door lock installation services. Are you looking for a reliable, professional and affordable locksmith service in Roseville? Call Great Lakes Security Hardware at 888-855-6257 or fill out our online contact form.

Know the Neighborhood Watch Team

Get to know the local Neighborhood Watch Team. Therefore, you know that someone is always watching over your home when you aren’t in, and that gives you peace of mind. To learn more about the security of your home, call Great Lakes Security Hardware today at (888) 855-6257 or fill out our contact form.

Choosing A Quality Door Lock

High-Quality Door Locks to Keep You Safe.

High-quality door locks serve as the first line of protection against a burglar or an intruder. How do I know I am choosing a quality and reliable door lock? What door lock has the best security and safety features?  These questions come to your mind when you are shopping for a sturdy and reliable door lock. Are you looking for high-quality door locks? Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware today. Call us at (888) 855-6257 or fill out our contact form to get a FREE QUOTE.

Best Handicapped ADA Door

Great Lakes Security Hardware is the leading handicapped ADA doors operators in the region. We are specialized in reachable barrier- free supply and designs. We understand the needs of all our clients who live with disabilities and illness. Besides, we are quick to respond to the needs of those family members who wishes for a safe aging. For more information give us a call at 888-855-6257

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic Door Locks For Your Home

Our lives are threatened every now and then, any mishap can happen when we are on the road traveling to our work, or even at home where we consider being safe. House breaks and robberies are on the rise and the elderly have become quite vulnerable in the cities. There is a need to make at least our homes and neighborhood safe and livable for our families with kids and elderly.
There are various security programs and alerts are carried out by local police, yet we need to do something on our part as well to ensure safety for all. Some localities are quite good in terms of security while others are not so safe. This is why it is essential to ensure safety of our own families using electronic door locks no matter what.

Families usually opt for a safety door and multi-lever locks to avoid thefts. With advancement in technology a lot of people are opting for electronic door locks. It is a good way to ensure safety and protection of your family with high-tech locks. Thieves and burglars have a tough time cracking these electronic door locks.

There are quite a few variations to choose from as different companies offer different types of settings. The most favored are the digital ones which use a keypad that has number keys or letters. You need to enter a password to get through it, it is quite a task to break through this pass code.

Another variety of electronic door locks is that which requires a magnetic scanner disk and coded keys there are others which require a remote control and similar support gadgets. These are not as common as the digital ones. These magnetic scanner door locks are quite useful for places that have high traffic. You can simply code each of the security token separately with a different signature and hence keep tracks of visitors.

It is not possible to replicate these tokens and is wonderful for workplaces with high employee turnover. Another type of security device which is electronic is the biometric lock which requires a voice or fingerprint and even at times a retinal authentication. These are very successful for high security zones where only a particular set of people are allowed to enter.

When you are really bothered about the securing your home and offices you can rely on electronic door locks to ensure total security at all times.

Electronic Door Locks

Choosing The Right Door

A door is an important part of your home or business because it’s what separates you from the outside world. You can never be too secure within your building and you need a door that will act as a barrier from what you want to keep out. We will work closely with you to help you select the right door for your needs – as well as locks.

Looking for Commercial Doors or a Residential Security Door?

Let our experienced technicians work with you to find the right security solution for your home or business.

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Door Frame Repairs

Door Frame Repair Knowledge

Having fundamental practical knowledge as well as know-how concerning external door frame repairs can come in very handy. External doors receive a great deal of use and wear and tear over a time period of continuous use. Doors and a door frame will often be subjected to extreme elements, which include heat, rain, snow, cold as well as humidity, which might result in a litany of functioning problems. Listed below are many of the most typical wooden door frame repairs problem and a few tips about how to remedy these.

Door Frame Repairs – Parts

The actual door frame is made up of top along with side jambs, head jambs, blocking along with a door stop. Whenever a door is hanging properly, there ought to be a 1/16 to a1/8-inch space in between the jamb as well as the actual door. The particular part of the door jamb which is cut and chiseled out for the actual securing of the door hinge is known as a hinge mortise. The door ought to move easily and quietly. You should check just how square the door frame as well as the door is as simple as getting 2 diagonal measurements, from one corner to the opposite corner. Each number needs to be precise for the door frame to end up being square.

Binding Door Frame Repairs

The external door may bind for a number of reasons such as the build-up associated with paint, expansion of the wood or possibly a loosened door panel or stiles. Should the door rub in the lock side as well as at the top part, the issue could be too much paint. Shave off all the paint build-up using a paint scraper in order to shave off the actual paint build up. The heavy build up from paint might require using a heat gun or chemicals. Summer season swelling could also be the issue. You will need to remove the door from the hinges and use a plane the fix the problem. It is advisable to plane the door while at the height of the humid months. Should the door frame rub on to the floor and / or the very top of the actual jamb around the lock side, check out the bottom hinge. It could be loose. Yet another potential reason might be the fact that door is actually coming apart. Whenever a door drags on the ground, and it has a space on the latch side from the header jamb, the reason is generally settlement. An additional indication of settlement might be a door which rubs along the knob side of the header and there’s a space in between the door and therefore the floor. On the other hand, a space on top of the doorway as well as the header jamb could be indicative of loose hinges. Locate a loose hinge simply by opening the door half way and then pull-up at the door knob. While doing so push the door in towards the top. Should the hinge move, the hinge might be the issue. You’ll probably need to make use of lengthier screws or perhaps drill holes for brand new fasteners.

Damaged Door Jamb

Any split or perhaps defective external door frame jamb on the latch side may be cut down using a circular or even reciprocating saw. Once you trim the particular replacement portion for the side jamb, ensure it is 1 inch shorter compared to the precise measurement. Ensure that the bottom part of the jamb is properly secured. In some instances the external door frame repair just isn’t possible. Once the framework is actually warped , well-worn or even shimmed in nearly every conceivable manner, your best option is to change out the whole door jamb.

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