Home Lock Replacement

Home Lock Replacement

Home Lock Replacement, Roseville, MI.

Have you lately had the locks tampered with or moved into a completely new home? Do not be troubled – Great Lakes Security Hardware can help you. We provide home lock replacement Roseville and repair for your home.

Locks are essential for the security of your home. Once they’re not working properly, your property can be a risk for a potential break-in. We’re now your go-to home lock replacement company for professional locksmith services Roseville.

Replacing Versus Rekeying

The main difference between replacing a lock and rekeying it is that you’ll be using an entirely different and possibly new lock. Replacing a lock means that the lock body will be changed. Therefore, it could be a bit expensive since you’ll have to buy a new lockset for your door when you replace it. As said earlier, it isn’t necessary for you to do this when your lock is being rekeyed. When you decide on replacing your lock, you need to determine the right lock you want to use for replacement.

You need to consider some factors when you’re trying to determine what lock you want to use to replace the existing one. Some of the essential factors that you should explore include the budget for the lock, as well as the type of preferences and features of your door locks.


For example, if you’ve decided to replace your current lock with a lock of a different brand, rekeying won’t do the trick. When you’ve decided what type of lock you want to install, you can either choose to buy it yourself from the hardware store such as Great Lakes Security Hardware or you can inform your locksmith and they’ll buy it for you.

Similar to everything else, there are pros and cons of replacing your locks, and you should consider them before making any decision.

Benefits of Replacing Locks

1. Customization

When you install brand new locks throughout your house, it provides you with the ability to customize your home security, and this is something many homeowners often end up taking for granted.

The term “customize” means that that you can impact the way your locks look and feel and have an impact on the way they function along with the other elements of your home security.

For example, if you wish your lock to have longer screws, it’s entirely up to you. If you think you need extra security pins, you can have that as well. When you replace the lock, you have a new security canvas, which you can play with.

2. Possibility of upgrades

If you choose to replace your locks instead of rekeying them, you will enjoy the luxury of being able to upgrade your locks and thus, your home security. This means that you will get an opportunity of enhancing the security measures that you’ve already installed.

Alternatively, you can decide to get rid of the traditional locks and instead move onto high-quality smart locks. Regardless of your situation, you now have the option and ability to upgrade the locks.

The downside of Replacing Locks

Paying For the Locks and Labor

Unlike the rekeying process, changing your locks completely will result in much higher costs. This is mostly because you’ll have to pay for your locks and labor of installing them. The cost of buying the locksets is much more expensive than the key pins in the locks that are changed in rekeying. This isn’t much of a con for those who’ve a large budget, but it could be a problem for you if you’ve a financial limit.

Home Lock Replacement

Great Lakes Security Hardware provides high quality and affordable home lock replacement service Roseville, MI. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 or use our contact form to get a free quote.

Home Lock Replacement
Hand holding door knob with keys

Home Lock Replacement


Protecting Your Premise

Thieves and burglars usually target doors and windows as their first points of entry into a property. You must ensure your premise is well-secured. Hire a reputable and experienced company such as Great Lakes Security Hardware to fit metal roller doors and bars in your  premise. To learn more call Great Lakes Security Hardware today at (888) 855-6257 or fill out our contact form.

Never Drill Into a Locked Safe

Whether electronic, standard key or combination lock, drilling to get access is quite dangerous. Without the expert knowledge on the manufacture of the safe, you can hurt yourself or damage the safe while drilling it. If you find out that your safe is locked up with no way to get in, do not risk the integrity of the unit or your safety. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware instead. We’ll dispatch a lockout specialist to handle your emergency. Call us today at 888-855-6257 or fill out our general information request form.

Security Tips For Moving

Security Tips For Moving, Roseville, MI

Moving to a new home can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Furthermore, the last thing you want when moving to your new home is a breach of security adding to your stress. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we’ve put together 11 security tips for moving.

Here are the tips:

  1. When you’ve moved into a new home, get a Roseville locksmith from Great Lakes Security Hardware to come and assess your home security to ensure everything is up to standard and in top shape.
  2. Ensuring that all outbuildings are secure is the next Security Tips for moving. These days, most homes have standalone garages, sheds, summerhouses, workshops, etc. that house valuable items such as bikes, power tools, lawn mowers, and are the primary target for burglars. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware to upgrade your outbuilding locks to US Standard Locks in case someone has a key from a previous tenant.
  3. Change the locks on your external doors of the new house, Great Lakes Security Hardware can install high-quality locks that are recommended for homes. They’re one of the highest security and durable locks for your new home.
  4. Find out whether the house has been burgled before. Remember that burglars are known to return to the properties they already know their layout. Also, ensure that your alarms and security system are different from before. For instance, install outdoor security lighting to deter burglars.
  5. Get to know the local Neighborhood Watch Team. Therefore, you know that someone is always watching over your home when you aren’t in, and that gives you peace of mind.
  6. The next Security Tips for moving is; Change the alarm codes. Change the code of your alarms as soon as you move into your new home and give out alarm details and keys to people you trust. It is important to Change your alarm code regularly and ensure that spare keys are returned. In addition, it is imperative not to keep your keys in “seemingly safe” places such as under doormats.
  7. Remember to redirect your mail immediately.
  8. In the garden, ensure all ladders and tools are stored safely away in locked sheds and garages and cut back hedges or bushes that obstruct view and burglars could hide behind.
  9. Do not leave empty boxes visible in the street if you’ve bought expensive items for your property since burglars are always on the lookout for such things.
  10. Ensure that the woodwork on windows upstairs and downstairs is in excellent condition. Burglars can easily pry open any rotting wood with a screwdriver or crowbar.
  11. Bolstering sliding doors – Another Security Tips for moving is that your Balcony doors are great for views and sunshine. However, they can pose a great danger if they aren’t secured properly. An unsecured sliding door gives an intruder a relatively quiet and untraceable entrance to your home.

While it is essential to lock your balcony door always when it is not in use. Sliding doors usually have inadequate and weak locks and come off their tracks with a nudge. For optimal security, arm your sliding door with a pole on the track or an inside bar lock.

You can install a secondary locking mechanism with the metal pin inserted through a doorframe and into your sliding door.

Security Tips For Moving

We hope these Security Tips for moving will help you keep your home secure when moving. Great Lakes Security Hardware are on hand to help with your security concerns when you’re moving to your new home. Call us today at 888-855-6257 or use our contact form.

Security Tips For Moving

Security Tips For Moving

Choose The Right Rekey Locksmith Service

Your home security begins at your front door with your deadbolt and lock. We recommend the use of only high-quality door locks from trusted dealers. If you lose your home keys or move to a new residence. It’s important to hire a professional and reliable Rekey Locksmith Service to rekey your door locks. Here at Great Lakes security Hardware we take care of all locksmith problems including rekeying. For more information contact us at 888-855-6257.

Why Choose Great Lakes Security Hardware?

When it comes to the security of your home or business, only the best is good enough. Here at Great Lakes Security Hardware We offer the best. As Professionals, we are experienced and reliable. We Offer Affordable Security Doors Service and you can be sure of superb customer service. Contact us today.


Commercial Key less Locks Solutions

Today, there are various locksmiths who offer Commercial Key less Locks solutions. Therefore, selecting the best service provider is difficult. Some important things to consider when choosing an excellent locksmith are; experience, qualification and price. Here at Great Lakes Security Hardware, we are experienced, certified and and our price is affordable. Give us a call today at 888-855-6257.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Benefits Of Roseville Access Control Systems service.

At Great Lakes Security Hardware, our mission is to offer high quality and affordable Roseville access control system service to help businesses throughout the greater Roseville area achieve complete, comprehensive security.

Traditional metal lock and key systems are a great security system for several businesses. Especially if used with the high-security locks and keys. But as the complexity of your business increases, keys make less sense. Modern access control system, Roseville allow you more flexibility in managing access for your employees. It also improves the security of your business.

You should hire a reputable company, like Great Lakes Security Hardware, if you need a reliable and affordable Roseville access control system.

Why Access Control Service Make Sense

Do you keep your files in file-systems and moth-eaten paper folders? Why do you trust your security to the outdated, ten-dollar keys from the hardware store? Access control systems, offer an excellent security solution for business, and they offer many benefits including:

1.Avoid Duplication Nightmares

First of all, whether it is a disgruntled employee or a determined intruder, it takes only one key in wrong hands to give anybody access to your business. Duplicating a key is easy. It takes only a few dollars at the locksmith shop. However, it can destroy your business security. Access control system makes duplication next to impossible.

2.Never Lose a Key Again

Perhaps, the ever-present possibility of losing a key is the most frustrating part of the lock and key systems. Also a key can fall off your or an employee’s key chain easily, and that will leave a major gap in your business security. Access control systems fix this, letting you use codes or cards to access the building.

3.Control from the Comfort of Your Home

If you have ever had to go to your workplace late at night to get someone into your business, you understanding how frustrating that is. With a Roseville access control system, all you require is a smartphone. Great Lakes Security Hardware can install an access control system. This allows you to operate your business security in real time. Therefore, you will have unprecedented control.

Track Access Records

Modern access control systems provide an online record. Therefore, you can check who accessed or tried to access your building at a particular time, helping you spot suspicious activity before it turns into something serious.

Access Control Systems

Security lies at the heart of your business success, and with Great Lakes Security Hardware, it has never been easier to achieve absolute, comprehensive security. As a premier locksmith serving businesses throughout the greater Roseville area, we have the knowledge and expertise to design a multi-faceted, airtight access control system for your business.

Call us today at 888-855-6257 with any questions or inquiries about our Roseville access control service. We will help you take your business security to the next level – and achieve the peace of mind you need.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems


Security Systems Roseville

Security Systems Roseville

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Security Systems Roseville for Your Business.

When you are running a business, you should take all the necessary actions and initiatives to ensure your business is secure. From the breaking-and-entering to modern, sophisticated hackers, you must ensure your business is equipped with effective and comprehensive Security Systems Roseville, MI. It is key to ensuring your business stays on the track to success.

Business security can be a very complicated issue. It relies heavily on the ability of the parts of your security systems to communicate with each other. Avoid using bad security systems Roseville, MI to secure your business because they can leave a lot of room for errors. Also, they can’t provide comprehensive security across the several aspects of your business.

Now more than ever, it is essential to keep your business safe and secure. You will have peace of mind to allow you focus on other aspects of your business.

How Do I Choose The Right Security System For My Business

Evaluate Your Space

Consider the type of space your business occupies. It’ll likely have a significant impact on the type of security system Roseville you need. For example, you might need a system that interferes minimally with the structures and walls of your building if you rent space.

You might need less cameras if you have an open office space than you would if you have a business with several offices.  Also, identify areas that may require extra access control, such as supply closets or a data center.

Consider Business Growth

Evaluating your current space is essential. However, you should also think about your business goals and plans as you decide on your business security systems Roseville, MI. If you plan on moving to a new location in the relatively near future or growing significantly, that could influence the type of security system you choose.

If working with a contractor, it is a good idea to ensure you have the option to move, add on, or change your plan so that it scales with your business growth.

Think About All Possible Culprits

Unfortunately, there are several possible threats to the security of your business. Review the location of your business. Find out the rate of breaking-and-entering in the area. If it is high, then you might need extra entrance security.

If your company deals with large amounts of data, you might consider cybersecurity. Also, you need to protect yourself from your employees. In the United States alone, employees steal about $50 million annually.

Choose the Right Features for Your Business

Business security is a complex task. You can choose from many different features depending on your business needs. Do you need cameras that can move around to monitor large spaces or do you prefer the ones that are discrete or disguised?

Maybe you would like some additional sensors for flooding, smoke, and carbon monoxide. You may want to monitor movement through facility access-control technology. Consider all features you think would be best to keep your business safe. Choose a security system that meets all your needs.

Security Systems Roseville

Are you looking for reliable and comprehensive security systems? Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware, Roseville, MI today. Call us at 888-855-6257. You can also fill out our online contact form.

Security Systems Roseville

Security Systems Roseville

Online Education Journals

Finding Online Education Materials

The substance for online education journals is gaining significance in a fast evolving landscape. The demand for achievement and improvement has been among the most grueling needs of successful men and women. In a travel towards nearly infinite wealth development, each lesson learned is utilized to advance oneself. Locating the key to unlock the secrets of wealth creation and financial freedom is therefore a continuous absorption of comprehension. In cases like this, the worth of 21st century schooling ought to be a continuing supply of advice for people trying to discover financial freedom.

Therefore, the significance of internet instruction in the ongoing hunt for 21st century knowledge continues to be rising. As individuals are slowly beginning to find the worth of owning a 21st century education, the requirement for much learning that’s a lot greater than that which classical understanding has sky rocketed. A growing number of folks are benefiting from this influx of electronic information by employing great courses they learned through learning. Really there are lots of materials available around financial literacy in online education journals.

Mind Tickling Online Journals

1 such collection of online education journals which speaks concerning 21st century schooling is that the e-course of Jamie McIntyre. As the writer of “That which I didn’t Learn in School but I Wish I’d,” Jamie was a young guy dismissed by debt. But he understood he needed to change his mentality. He spent his time and money to get a millionaire’s mindset. Along the way he’s assisted the lives of various individuals wanting to attain financial freedom. Presently he’s offering miniature online education classes with no price in any way. His initiative has enabled a great deal of people gain invaluable insight about wealth creation and private management in ways where there might not have been a much better strategy.

The content of online education journals seeing financial freedom and wealth development are enormous. For example, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad has started the eyes of the middle course on the worth of an emerging schooling. Much like Jamie McIntyre, ” he claims that what we’re studying now is far removed from what the planet is actually built on. To be able to acquire over the machine, individuals should contact learning what’s really critical in attaining absolute liberty. Kiyosaki’s online education journals are among the most read private riches content in the net. This proves that information could be tapped everywhere. With inspiring individuals publicly sharing their experiences, the prosperity of online education journals on wealth development can help transform a country from a defeatist outlook into a society in which true prosperity is shared. You can find more about educational resources by looking into www.mattyping.club.

Towards Self-Improvement

The practicalities of online instruction are endless. Online education enables you to get time flexibility and maintain a fulltime job when researching at the luxury of your own house. At the sametime, the freedom of pupils is improved in such a manner that individuals can go everywhere and learn. The power and physical structure that’s seen in classrooms is so distinct. Online education journals also help in 1 ‘s individual improvement. The majority of these journals regarding wealth creation are made to be extremely detailed and suitable for any reader at any given point in their own lives. Students may select their own pace when amplifying the advantage staff works to be successful together with each other. 21ist century online instruction could be heard linearly or without a lot of hassle of anxiety.

Thus in our ongoing effort to enhance, online instruction is the thing to do. Online education journals are going to be your constant guide until you get the change in mindset and transmute your knowledge in actions. Locate the most apt online education journals on your own and get started learning the 21st century manner.