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With the current technology at its best, you can get any hardware you want from the comfort of your home with a click of a button. All you need to do is to search for hardware store ordering online and after choosing what you want, order it and it will be delivered right where you are.

A well-secured home gives you the confidence to go anywhere you want and also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will get your home in the same condition you left it. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we provide all your security needs by selling residential locks, commercial doors, door systems, and security hardware. We want to make a difference to our clients and reach those who cannot make to our store through online delivery.  You too can make a difference by ordering any security equipment you need and we will be more than happy to deliver it on your doorstep.

Whether you need to secure your business or your home, don’t hesitate to contact us because there is no job too small or too big for us as far as your security is concerned. If you are in Southeast Michigan, we have a team of experienced technicians who will work closely with you to find the right security solution for your business or your home. You don’t have to feel like you are left out, and there is no need of staying indoors in the name of guarding your home. All you need is to put your trust on us and we will be glad to transform your security features.

In case you need our products or services or you have any question regarding how we operate or how to order our products online, feel free to contact us on 888-855-6257 and our friendly staff will be more than willing to answer any all questions that you may have.

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Key Cutting Macomb Co MI

Key Cutting – Tips To Follow When Duplicating Keys

Do you want to duplicate your keys? Are you looking for a locksmith offering key cutting services in Roseville, Michigan? There comes a time when you will need duplicate keys. To get the best duplicate keys, follow these tips:

  1. Always Use The Original Set Of Keys

We advise you to use the originals, whenever possible to avoid jammed duplicate keys and damaged locks.

  1. Choose A Professional Locksmith

Consider the following things to help you choose a competent and reliable locksmith:

  • Certification – Certified locksmiths are highly skilled, strictly vetted and regularly inspected. They also keep updating themselves on the developments in the industry.
  • Experience – As locksmiths gain experience, they refine their key cutting prowess.
  • Pricing – Never pick a locksmith because he or she offers cheap key cutting services. Instead, look at their qualification, experience, and reputation.
  1. Choose A Locksmith That Offers On-Site Key Cutting Services

It would be convenient for you to hire a locksmith who can cut the key(s) at your home or business premises, especially if you have lost your keys and cannot leave the house unlocked.

Furthermore, your locksmith will be able to test all the duplicate keys to confirm they fit perfectly. However, you should only allow a locksmith who has a confidentiality policy and a police clearance into your home or business premises.

Types Of Key-Cutting Services

  1. Cutting Keys From A Key Code

A key code is a series of alphanumeric characters that a manufacturer uses to make a key. It determines the key’s teeth, spacing, depth and other information on its geometrical structure. A professional can interpret the code and cut the key accordingly.

  1. Replacing Damaged Keys

Keys can break or get stuck in the lock. It is advisable to replace a broken key instead of gluing or welding it.

  1. Duplicating Keys

If your key is in a perfect state, you can get a duplicate key cut for a fraction of the cost.

Why Hire A Professional Locksmith For Key Cutting

Avoid novice locksmiths because they may cut keys that end up damaging your locks, or leaving them vulnerable. Here are FOUR reasons why you should hire a professional locksmith:

  1. Superior Training and Knowledge

Professional locksmiths have the skills to cut the key accurately. Also, they usually keep abreast of the latest key and lock technology. Therefore, they can handle your security system, even if it is the latest one.

  1. Reliable, Round-The-Clock Service

Well-established locksmiths offer round-the-clock services. You can call them even during the night and holidays. Although it costs extra, it is worth during emergencies.

  1. The Right Tools

Professional locksmiths have all the necessary tools for key cutting. Therefore, they can do the job efficiently and effectively.

  1. Professional Advice

Besides doing the job, professional locksmiths will recommend the best material to cut your keys from and high-security locks. They’ll even teach you how to keep your keys safe. Moreover, they are ready to provide a perfect solution when you have a problem.

Always hire a professional locksmith when it comes to key cutting. If you need a locksmith that provides top-notch key cutting services in Roseville, MI, contact Great Lakes Security Hardware today at 888-855-6257.

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Electronic Key Management System

Electronic Key Management System Roseville MI

Large companies with several employees and assets depend on the use of the locking systems which need physical keys, and it can be logistically challenging to maintain all the keys and their uses, particularly without a well-designed master key system. Therefore, business should acquire an electronic key management system.

With an ascending keys hierarchy that unlocks particular locks of different levels of security, an electronic key management system enables for efficient distribution, accountability, and regulating of keys that lead to increased security in your business.

In fact, designing a perfect master key system to fit the needs of businesses was the most efficient way of regulating the distribution and the use of keys, that’s, until the development of the electronic key management system.

The Electronic Key Management System (EKMS)

What’s the Electronic Key Management System? It’s a highly efficient system for managing keys, it is simple, and yet it keeps all your keys secure and safe when not in use, by preventing unauthorized access to all keys.

In fact, the EKMS protects your keys against theft and removes key misplacement since every key is attached to a smart key that’s uniquely identified using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification).

Using the RFID, keys are automatically tracked, identified, and LCDs can be used to monitor their use that allows visual confirmation of each keys activity. Without a PIN code or RFID card, access to the keys of an EKMS system isn’t impossible. After each use, a key transaction is recorded using the time stamp, and the information is logged for accountability and reference.

Applications of Electronic Key Management System

An electronic key management system is ideal for corporate offices, use in banks, government buildings, parking areas, shopping malls, and all businesses, in all types of industries. There are several benefits EKMS. Here are some top benefits:

1. Enhanced Security -Only authorized users can access the electronic key management system, and levels of access and customizable groups can be developed to establish even tighter control of the high-level security keys. When unauthorized personnel attempts to access the system, the EKMS permanently logs the entry and will send an email notification.

2. Accountability -Since locks and keys are designed to keep things secure and safe, accountability is a significant concern when it comes to access to physical locations, and using vehicles and equipment. In this way, EKMS offers full reporting and audit trail of every key and the activity of any user.

3. Ease of Use -Once installed, an electronic key management system is easy to operate and use, and, it makes companies more productive since it prevents the need to replace lost the keys.

To learn more about the operation of an electronic key management system, and how it can benefit your company, you can go for a free no-obligation consultation at Great Lakes Security Hardware.

electronic key management system

Professional Commercial Locksmith Macomb County

Professional Commercial Locksmith  – Macomb County

As the best commercial locksmith company in Macomb County, we offer a broad range of security devices and locksmith services. We provide installations, servicing, and repairs of access controls, electronic locks, deadlocks, keyless entry, safes, and biometric systems. We have a lot of experience & skills. We a have established a strong reputation in the business, servicing various commercial enterprises and government agencies. We also provide an emergency 24/7 professional commercial locksmith services for all our highly valued customers.

We have teams of locksmiths who are professionals in lock installation, key cutting, and the latest security systems. Also, we provide the best maintenance and repair services for any product that we install. All our locksmiths are well-trained, certified, and experienced to offer the highest quality professional commercial locksmith survives that are unrivaled in the locksmith industry.

Our customer care team is knowledgeable and friendly. Our aim as leaders in the business is to offer the best lock and security services. Our high-quality locksmith services coupled with our competitive prices make us the best option for all professional commercial locksmith needs.

We offer excellent emergency services. We have completely equipped service trucks that enable us to respond to all emergency calls quickly and efficiently. We provide detailed attention to any project. Therefore, our services meet, and even go beyond the expectations of our clients.

4 reasons To Choose Great Lakes Security Hardware

1. Experience 

Indeed, one should always consider the experience of the locksmith services provider before hiring. One of the ways of knowing the experience of a firm is by asking the number of years that the company has been in the business and the number of the clients that they have served. The companies that have been in the business for many years have served many people. This means that they have enough knowledge and expertise. Therefore, they are the best candidate for the job. We have years of knowledge and experience.

2. Time/Availability 

Find out if the candidate offers locksmith services 24/7. We are available 24/7.

3. Documentation

By asking the service provider to provide all relevant documentations, one will be able to prove that the firm is the best candidate for the job or not. We have all necessary documents in the business.

4. Cost Of Service

Indeed, all expert locksmiths will not charge the same fees for their locksmith services. Before selecting any firm, consider asking for quotations. After that, compare quotes from different service providers to know which is affordable and offer the best services. Our services are affordable and quality.

Call Great Lakes Security Hardware for the best commercial locksmith services

Professional Commercial Locksmith

Macomb County, MI

Why Choose Great Lakes Security Hardware?

Why Choose Great Lakes Security Hardware?

For over 30 years, Southeast Michigan has trusted Great Lakes Security Hardware with all of their security needs. We specialize in the service and installation of commercial doors and residential locks, security hardware and door systems.

We do it all

The main reason to choose us is we do it all – our technicians are skilled at residential and commercial locksmith services. Our high-quality, long-performing locks will bring you back for more locks for your other doors at home or at your business.

If you’ve recently lost your keys, we can help. Make sure no one is ever able to get in your home but you. Place your home and commercial security in our capable hands with the use of our commercial re-keying services. We can re-key any lock, all in near-record time.

We also repair commercial and residential door frames in the event the door wears from weather or gets damaged by a break-in. Don’t let anyone else get in your home or business – we’ll take care of it right away!

We even offer a collection of commercial and residential safes for your selection. Always keep your belongings as safe as possible.

Service with a Small-town Feel

Even though we service all of Southeast Michigan and beyond, we are a local company with a small-town feel.  No customer is too small or large for us – one of many reasons to choose us. Every customer is very important to us! To contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff, simply call us at 888-855-6257 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’ll contact you as soon as possible and get you safe and secure again quickly!

Experienced Technicians

There’s no problem that is too challenging for us. We easily have some of the best technicians in Michigan working here at Great Lakes Security Hardware, and we’ll be able to successfully handle all your commercial and residential security needs faster and with a bigger smile than the competition! This is yet another one of the reasons to choose us.

Emergency Service

Have you ever forgotten your keys at home and got locked out?  Call Great Lakes Security Hardware and we will come help. We provide excellent residential and commercial services at non-commercial hours. After all, accidents happen!

Why Choose Great Lakes Security Hardware?

When you think of security in Southeast Michigan, think of Great Lakes Security Hardware. We will always have the most comprehensive services and the best selection of security hardware in Southeast Michigan.

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Why Choose Great Lakes Security Hardware?