Benefits of Replacing Locks #3

Possibility of upgrades- If you choose to replace your locks instead of rekeying them, you will enjoy the luxury of being able to upgrade your locks and thus, your home security. Call us today at (888) 855-6257. Great Lakes Security Hardware provides high quality and affordable home lock replacement service Roseville, MI.

Industrial Metal Doors

An entry door is actually a door that can withstand consistent intense use and keep a property safe and secure for many years. These types of doors are utilized in industrial settings. Call us at (888) 855-6257 if you need an Interior & Exterior metal doors for safety and sturdiness. 

Repair Your Burglary Permanently

Leaving in an unsecured property is dangerous. Hire a locksmith to secure your doors and locks properly whether the insurance covers it or not. Call us today on (888) 855-6257 if you have been a victim of burglary and you need burglary repairs.

Benefits of Replacing Locks- Possibility of Upgrades

If you choose to replace your locks instead of rekeying them, you will enjoy the luxury of being able to upgrade your locks and thus, your home security. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 high quality and affordable home lock replacement service Roseville, MI.

Paying For The Locks and Labor in Home Lock Replacement

Unlike the rekeying process, changing your locks completely will result in much higher costs. This is mostly because you’ll have to pay for your locks and labor of installing them. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 for high quality and affordable home lock replacement service Roseville, MI.

Emergency Residential Locksmith Packages

Emergency packages imply that you can easily get locksmith services at your home even in the oddest hours of the day or night. Call us at (888) 855-6257 for more tips and options on locksmiths services in society. 

Home Lock Replacement

Home Lock Replacement

Home Lock Replacement, Roseville, MI.

Have you lately had the locks tampered with or moved into a completely new home? Do not be troubled – Great Lakes Security Hardware can help you. We provide home lock replacement Roseville and repair for your home.

Locks are essential for the security of your home. Once they’re not working properly, your property can be a risk for a potential break-in. We’re now your go-to home lock replacement company for professional locksmith services Roseville.

Replacing Versus Rekeying

The main difference between replacing a lock and rekeying it is that you’ll be using an entirely different and possibly new lock. Replacing a lock means that the lock body will be changed. Therefore, it could be a bit expensive since you’ll have to buy a new lockset for your door when you replace it. As said earlier, it isn’t necessary for you to do this when your lock is being rekeyed. When you decide on replacing your lock, you need to determine the right lock you want to use for replacement.

You need to consider some factors when you’re trying to determine what lock you want to use to replace the existing one. Some of the essential factors that you should explore include the budget for the lock, as well as the type of preferences and features of your door locks.


For example, if you’ve decided to replace your current lock with a lock of a different brand, rekeying won’t do the trick. When you’ve decided what type of lock you want to install, you can either choose to buy it yourself from the hardware store such as Great Lakes Security Hardware or you can inform your locksmith and they’ll buy it for you.

Similar to everything else, there are pros and cons of replacing your locks, and you should consider them before making any decision.

Benefits of Replacing Locks

1. Customization

When you install brand new locks throughout your house, it provides you with the ability to customize your home security, and this is something many homeowners often end up taking for granted.

The term “customize” means that that you can impact the way your locks look and feel and have an impact on the way they function along with the other elements of your home security.

For example, if you wish your lock to have longer screws, it’s entirely up to you. If you think you need extra security pins, you can have that as well. When you replace the lock, you have a new security canvas, which you can play with.

2. Possibility of upgrades

If you choose to replace your locks instead of rekeying them, you will enjoy the luxury of being able to upgrade your locks and thus, your home security. This means that you will get an opportunity of enhancing the security measures that you’ve already installed.

Alternatively, you can decide to get rid of the traditional locks and instead move onto high-quality smart locks. Regardless of your situation, you now have the option and ability to upgrade the locks.

The downside of Replacing Locks

Paying For the Locks and Labor

Unlike the rekeying process, changing your locks completely will result in much higher costs. This is mostly because you’ll have to pay for your locks and labor of installing them. The cost of buying the locksets is much more expensive than the key pins in the locks that are changed in rekeying. This isn’t much of a con for those who’ve a large budget, but it could be a problem for you if you’ve a financial limit.

Home Lock Replacement

Great Lakes Security Hardware provides high quality and affordable home lock replacement service Roseville, MI. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 or use our contact form to get a free quote.

Home Lock Replacement
Hand holding door knob with keys

Home Lock Replacement


Protecting Your Premise

Thieves and burglars usually target doors and windows as their first points of entry into a property. You must ensure your premise is well-secured. Hire a reputable and experienced company such as Great Lakes Security Hardware to fit metal roller doors and bars in your  premise. To learn more call Great Lakes Security Hardware today at (888) 855-6257 or fill out our contact form.

Never Drill Into a Locked Safe

Whether electronic, standard key or combination lock, drilling to get access is quite dangerous. Without the expert knowledge on the manufacture of the safe, you can hurt yourself or damage the safe while drilling it. If you find out that your safe is locked up with no way to get in, do not risk the integrity of the unit or your safety. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware instead. We’ll dispatch a lockout specialist to handle your emergency. Call us today at 888-855-6257 or fill out our general information request form.

Security Tips For Moving

Security Tips For Moving, Roseville, MI

Moving to a new home can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Furthermore, the last thing you want when moving to your new home is a breach of security adding to your stress. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we’ve put together 11 security tips for moving.

Here are the tips:

  1. When you’ve moved into a new home, get a Roseville locksmith from Great Lakes Security Hardware to come and assess your home security to ensure everything is up to standard and in top shape.
  2. Ensuring that all outbuildings are secure is the next Security Tips for moving. These days, most homes have standalone garages, sheds, summerhouses, workshops, etc. that house valuable items such as bikes, power tools, lawn mowers, and are the primary target for burglars. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware to upgrade your outbuilding locks to US Standard Locks in case someone has a key from a previous tenant.
  3. Change the locks on your external doors of the new house, Great Lakes Security Hardware can install high-quality locks that are recommended for homes. They’re one of the highest security and durable locks for your new home.
  4. Find out whether the house has been burgled before. Remember that burglars are known to return to the properties they already know their layout. Also, ensure that your alarms and security system are different from before. For instance, install outdoor security lighting to deter burglars.
  5. Get to know the local Neighborhood Watch Team. Therefore, you know that someone is always watching over your home when you aren’t in, and that gives you peace of mind.
  6. The next Security Tips for moving is; Change the alarm codes. Change the code of your alarms as soon as you move into your new home and give out alarm details and keys to people you trust. It is important to Change your alarm code regularly and ensure that spare keys are returned. In addition, it is imperative not to keep your keys in “seemingly safe” places such as under doormats.
  7. Remember to redirect your mail immediately.
  8. In the garden, ensure all ladders and tools are stored safely away in locked sheds and garages and cut back hedges or bushes that obstruct view and burglars could hide behind.
  9. Do not leave empty boxes visible in the street if you’ve bought expensive items for your property since burglars are always on the lookout for such things.
  10. Ensure that the woodwork on windows upstairs and downstairs is in excellent condition. Burglars can easily pry open any rotting wood with a screwdriver or crowbar.
  11. Bolstering sliding doors – Another Security Tips for moving is that your Balcony doors are great for views and sunshine. However, they can pose a great danger if they aren’t secured properly. An unsecured sliding door gives an intruder a relatively quiet and untraceable entrance to your home.

While it is essential to lock your balcony door always when it is not in use. Sliding doors usually have inadequate and weak locks and come off their tracks with a nudge. For optimal security, arm your sliding door with a pole on the track or an inside bar lock.

You can install a secondary locking mechanism with the metal pin inserted through a doorframe and into your sliding door.

Security Tips For Moving

We hope these Security Tips for moving will help you keep your home secure when moving. Great Lakes Security Hardware are on hand to help with your security concerns when you’re moving to your new home. Call us today at 888-855-6257 or use our contact form.

Security Tips For Moving

Security Tips For Moving