Locked Out Of Your Safe?

Next time you find out that your safe is locked up with no way to get in do not risk the integrity of your unit. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware instead. We’ll dispatch a Roseville lockout specialist to handle the emergency. They will get into your safe within minutes. Locked out of your safe? Don’t hesitate to call us today at 888-855-6257 or fill out our general information request form.

Try Out Residential Electronic Door Locks

Residential Electronic Door Locks have many advantages, including a higher level of security, customization, and the reduction of costs. Here at Great Lakes Security Hardware, we sell  and install residential electronic door lock systems. Give us a call today at 888-855-6257

Lockout Specialists Roseville, MI

It’s best to call in a Roseville lockout specialist when you find yourself locked out of your safe. They not only have access to keys and digital entry mechanisms to be used to avoid damaging your locked safe, but they also know how to get in without the risk of an injury. Our Roseville lockout specialist are highly trained in all lockout emergencies, including opening locked safes. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware and we’ll dispatch a Roseville lockout specialist to handle your emergency. They will get into your safe within minutes. Locked out of your safe? Call us today at 888-855-6257.

Roseville Lockout Specialist

Roseville Lockout Specialist

A Roseville lockout specialist can help in times of need. However, there are things you shouldn’t do when locked out of your safe. You installed a safe to keep your valuable possessions and documents secure in your home. Now you want to get the stuff inside your safe, but there’s one big problem – you can’t get in!  Maybe the bolt work is jammed, or you lost the key. You need help. Your first instinct may be to try to break the safe open. But wait! There’s a better way to access its contents without damaging your safe, or even hurting yourself. Seek help of a Roseville lockout specialist at Great Lakes Security Hardware.

Here are three things you should never do when locked out of your safe:

1. Don’t Try to Override the Security of Your Safe

Modern safes feature high-tech security. If you try to override it, you could make it more difficult to get inside. You should know what you’re up against before trying to break into your locked safe. This includes knowing the type of safe and its security features.

Look for the serial number and call Great Lakes Security Hardware for help. Our Roseville lockout specialist will guide your actions and assist you to open the safe. In some cases, trying to override your safe’s security can cause it to enact the penalty lockout mode, making it impossible to bypass without breaking the safe.

2.  Don’t Try to Disassemble the Wiring of the Unit

Disassembling the wiring of the unit to get access to what’s inside your safe may end up disappointing you. It’ll not only trigger a manual lockout, but it can also leave your safe useless once it’s open.

3.  Never Drill Into a Locked Safe

Whether electronic, standard key or combination lock, drilling to get access is quite dangerous. Without the expert knowledge on the manufacture of the safe, you can hurt yourself while drilling it. Furthermore, you’ll damage the safe, making it useless.

Roseville Lockout Specialist

It’s best to call in a Roseville lockout specialist when you find yourself locked out of your safe. They not only have access to keys and digital entry mechanisms to be used to avoid damaging your locked safe, but they also know how to get in without the risk of an injury.

Our Roseville lockout specialist are highly trained in all lockout emergencies, including opening locked safes. They can replace batteries, remove a broken key from a lock, fix a broken lock, and get into an otherwise impenetrable lock. If drilling is necessary, Roseville lockout specialist can handle it safely and efficiently.

Next time you find out that your safe is locked up– with no way to get in – do not risk the integrity of the unit or your safety. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware instead. We’ll dispatch a Roseville lockout specialist to handle your emergency. They will get into your safe within minutes.

Locked out of your safe? Don’t hesitate to call us today at 888-855-6257 or fill out our general information request form.

Roseville Lockout Specialist

Roseville Lockout Specialist

Commercial Safes, Roseville

Great Lakes Security Hardware is one of the most experienced and reliable locksmiths and safe dealers in Roseville, Michigan. We offer a variety of commercial Safes to suit your needs. Whether you want to protect the documents of your company records, the deed to your home, or jewelry, the best way to do it is using a reliable safe. Give us a call today.

Gun Safes Macomb Co

 Gun Safes – 5 Things to Consider

In the United States, there’s no universal standard for methods or materials, or a regulatory system in place governing the manufacture of gun safes. Therefore, the gun safes are not manufactured the same. There are different brands and types of gun safes available in the market today.

Most gun safes are often a lifetime investment. Hence, you should buy the right gun safe the first time to save money in the long run. Here are FIVE key things you should keep in mind when buying a gun safe:

  1. Safe Size

The common mistake first-time gun safe buyers make is to buy a unit that is too small for their needs. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we recommend the following rule of thumb for sizing a gun safe:

  • Measure every item you’ve or will have to put in your gun safe, including all non-gun items.
  • Once you have the overall measurement worked out, find a safe that’ll fit the collection.
  • Then, purchase a unit that is one size bigger to prevent the need to purchase a second gun safe soon.
  1. Locking Mechanisms

Buy a gun safe with high tech and superior locking mechanisms. You don’t want a burglar or your children to access the guns in the safe.  Modern gun safes can be accessed via thumbprint, password, or even voice activation. Look for a gun safe that only you and other trusted personnel can open.

  1. Fire Protection

You never know when the fire might break out on your property. Therefore, you need a gun safe that has a fire protection feature to ensure a fire outbreak will not damage your guns and ammunition.

A natural disaster such as fire or flood will not damage your gun safe easily if it ever happens. Therefore, fire protection feature is very beneficial, especially if you’ll keep other valuables in your gun safe.

  1. Price

You may find several costly gun safes, Roseville, MI that lack the same features and durability as other low-cost safes. The price of a gun safe does not necessarily reflect its quality. Consider looking at safety and protection features of a safe instead of looking at its price. Remember that purchasing a gun safe is a significant investment that’ll benefit your life tremendously.

  1. Warranty

As with any purchase of a product, ensure to look at the warranty of a gun safe closely. Read the fine print carefully. Gun safes manufacturers usually provide a warranty that has a year’s duration because a malfunction may occur within this period.

Some manufacturers also provide special plans that allow you to extend the warranty period. A lifetime warranty will keep you from having future headaches. If there’s an option for such a warranty, consider it very well.

Great Lakes Security Hardware is a reliable gun safes dealership in Roseville, Michigan providing high quality and affordable safes. Contact us, and we’ll help you find a gun safe that best suits your needs. Please give us a call today at 888-855-6257 if you’ve any questions. We look forward to assisting you!

Gun Safes


Safes Commercial Residential

Three Key Benefits of Safes (Commercial & Residential)

Great Lakes Security Hardware is one of the most experienced and reliable locksmiths and safe dealers in Roseville, Michigan. We offer a variety of Safes (Commercial & Residential) to suit your needs. Whether you want to protect the documents of your company records, the deed to your home, or jewelry, the best way to do it is using a reliable safe.

We can provide you cash room safes, media safes, gun safes, wall safes, depository safes, and custom-built safes as well. We always advise our clients that they need to decide exactly what content it is they want to protect before they purchase a safe.

In the past, many people believed that the bank security feature could protect their valuable items. They thought that a bank safe was the most preferred place to keep their precious stuff.

Unfortunately, insurers do not insure your valuable item in a bank safe.  Your home insurance policy or the renter covers your essential item locked in the safe. That’s why many experts advise that you have a safe in your house or commercial property.

So, if you want to a residential or commercial safe, look no further than Great Lakes Security Hardware. We are ready to assist you to acquire the most suitable safe.

Benefits of Having a Safe in Your Home or Office

  1. Protection

Great Lakes Security Hardware offers a broad variety of safes (Commercial & Residential) with different levels of protection.

You will never worry about the safety and protection of your precious belongings if you have installed a safe in your house or office.

You can be sure that your documents, jewelry, or other items are safe even if there is fire outbreak. Furthermore, our residential and commercial locksmith services in Roseville, MI, also allows you to select from the highly secured safes.

  1. Instant Access To Your Documents

What happens when you need a document during bank holidays? There are some documents, which you may need immediately. Unfortunately, banks aren’t available 24/7.   By installing a secured safe, you can access your documents such as birth certificate, passport, titles, insurance plan, retirement plan and investment anytime you like

  1. Keeping Firearms Away From Children

We promise you that we will install your safe in a place that is inconspicuous and people in your house can’t find it easily. You should install a safe in your home or office to keep your firearms away from others, particularly the kids. We will install the safe in a less accessible area to the children so that they cannot access it easily even if they find the number combination. Our locksmith services also include the installation of safe inside the concrete floor or bolting it into the floor.

If you want to install a safe in your residential or commercial property in Michigan, please give us a call at 888-855-6257, or fill in our Contact Form and we will get back to you right away. Our staff will be happy to assist you to make the right choice.


Commercial Safes

Commercial Safes Installation Services in Roseville, Michigan

At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we know that a successful business requires uninterrupted cash flow. We offer comprehensive service for all top brands of commercial safes. If it’s a safe with a proper lock, we can service it as well.

We offer high-quality service from site preparation, pre-site surveys, removal of old units, safe lock repair and replacement, emergency safe access, and delivery and installation of commercial safes. All the services you require with only one point of contact.

Most importantly, you can decide the level of service you require and come up with a support program to suit the specific needs of your business in Roseville, Michigan.

Benefits of Our Commercial Safes

• Contracted service options tailored to your needs

• National coverage for all brands of commercial safes

• One point of contact and accountability

• Service delivery customized to your processes and needs

• 24/7 Call Center and Support Services with Live Contact

• Consistent and accurate billing

Safes are imperative for businesses, whether it is for important documents or daily cash drops. Sometimes these safes are the just element in an office which offers full security and a hiding area from the eyes of other staff in the office.

When selecting commercial safes for your business, here are things to consider when making your decision:

1. The Size Of Safes You Need

Of course, the primary consideration to the commercial safe size which you buy is the space available in your office. Secondly, ensure that the measurements provided by the safe companies include the thickness of walls in the safe that reduces the amount of storage space in the safe itself.

Finally, as a rule of thumb, consider what you want to store in your safe at this point in time-and purchase one size bigger. There is high chance that pile of papers will increase faster than you anticipate.

2. The Item(s) To Kept In The Safe

Will you be protecting secure information, storing documents, or dropping cash? There are various types of the safes which Great Lakes Security Hardware for your specific needs.

3. Installation Process

Installation should involve bolts which anchor your safe into the ground. No matter how heavy the safe may be, if it’s not securely fastened to a wall, or to the ground, its job isn’t complete. Also, there are safes which our experts can install into the floor, as opposed to on the surface, for additional security level.

4. Location Of the Installation

Safes should be fitted in the most internal offices or rooms to prevent them from being visible to the general public or easily accessible. This also begs the question, how much additional security do you’ve for that room? Is there a keypad, or an alarm on the door handle? How many people will reach the safe on a daily basis?

Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware today.

Commercial Safes

Residential Safes Macomb Co. MI

Residential Safes – Sales And Installation

Our experts have served the community for many years. Our company was founded on the principal that there is nothing more important than the security, safety, and protection of assets and families. We have delivered the highest quality installation services to our valued clients. Our skills, competence, and expertise in the business have enabled us to serve our clients better. Indeed, we sell and install high-quality residential safes.

Our Commitment

All our technicians in our company take their responsibilities seriously. Our teams of highly trained, fully insured, and properly licensed locksmiths, support staff, and security experts, are all dedicated to the same goal: excellence in customer service and workmanship. Our professionals have been serving the area for decades, and our company is on the cutting edge of advanced security technology. We offer innovative safety solutions for families & assets protection, control, and management.

Our Products

We carry respected and best-known brands in security and safety when it comes to high-security locks deadbolts and locks, hardware, safes, keys, residential monitoring & access systems, and electronic keying among many others.

We are consistently rated highly as the best safes dealer. This is something that our company is really proud of, and it has enabled us to offer high quality, safest, and aesthetically appealing safes in the businesses. Without a doubt, we are the leading sellers and installers of the highest quality residential safes in the region.

Why We Beat The Competition

• We Have The Expertise

We have supplied the highest quality safes, and installation services to the people of the area and its surroundings for years. In addition, we have served thousands of people since we joined this business. Therefore, we have competence, knowledge, experiences, and skills to meet the needs of our clients, and even go above & beyond their needs.

• We Completely Satisfy Our Customers

Our priority has been to make sure that all our clients are completely satisfied. We do that by ensuring that we meet, and even exceed the requirements of our company`s customers.

• Excellent Customer Service

Our company`s support staff is really wonderful. They are courteous, professionals, friendly, and committed to helping our clients. Call us now and be sure to meet a friendly customer care team which is ready to serve any time, day and night.

• We Are Available 24/7

Great Lakes Security Hardware offers high-quality safes installation, and repairs services 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly—weekends and all public holidays included.

Call Great Lakes Security Hardware today. We are dependable and our installation services are always the best in the industry.

Residential Safes

Commercial Safes Macomb County

Quality Commercial Safes

Thanks for choosing our services. The commercial safes & vaults that we provide Malcomb County offer a high level of protection for all sensitive materials and valuables of our clients. The safes that we offer are good for banks, retails, warehouses, offices, and any other requirements in the protections of businesses and assets. For the sake of the peace of mind of our clients, we are licensed as one of the security contractors in electronic access control, alarm systems, and many other locksmithing aspects.

We are bonded, qualified, certified, and insured. We always use the approved techniques of installing, diagnosing, servicing, repairing, and even troubleshooting. Also, we have the skills, experience, and knowledge to upgrade any safe locks right from dial configurations all the way to electronic lock configurations.

Our Company`s Commercial Safes & Vault Service And Supply Include:

• Gun safes

• Pawn safes

• Depository safes

• Fire safes

• Vaults & vault doors

• Hotel & dorm safes

• The highest security safes

• Table-top cash handling

• Bank safes & vaults

• DEA cages

• Cash drawers

• Data & Media safes

• Key cabinets

• Pharmacy cabinets & safes

• Safe cracking by experienced security cleared technicians

• Safe & Vault maintenance and service

Call us now. Our professional, and friendly customer care support team is standing by to receive calls from our clients and advise them accordingly. Also, our technicians are ready to provide high-quality solutions to any safe & vault needs.

Our Client Promise

We take pride in our experts` competency to offer the highest quality commercial safes services to our highly-valued customers. We provide:

• Free, expert advice on commercial safes, related security & locking products that offer the perfect solutions to meet time frames and budgets

• Efficient, professional services right from inquiry all the way to installation of commercial safes or locks

• Free delivery of the safes

• The highest quality after-care services, including maintenance and repair of locks or safes

For decades, we have consistently made happy friends out of our clients. Our clients are always happy, and completely satisfied with our commercial safes.

Professionally Accredited Firm

At our firm, our technicians pride themselves on their knowledge, skills, and expertise. They also pride themselves on the customer service they offer. As such, our company holds various professional accreditations to provide our clients with extra piece of mind on the quality of services & products that we provide.

We guarantee the highest quality commercial safes. We are reliable. Our services are affordable. Call now.

Commercial Safes