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How To Choose A Contractor

It is always safer to choose a contractor with many years of experience. While you are at it, check out their credentials including licenses and insurance coverage. This helps you guarantee that you are working with a legitimate commercial door installer Auburn Hills MI. Call us at 888-855-6257 for a high-quality door, you can rest easy knowing that […]

Key replacement or Chip keys?

At this point, you’ll either need to have your key replaced (either because you lost your car keys, or because the key got broken in the lock, etc.) or you’ll need to go for chip keys cut Sterling. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 if you are looking for an experienced, reputable, and professional locksmith for your chip […]

Automatic Door Basic Maintenance

Under a basic maintenance program, our AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified professionals will visit your property to inspect the automatic doors at specified time intervals. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 For a free, no-obligation quote.

Quality Commercial Door Installation

While you may find many commercial door contractors in Auburn Hills, it is also important that you look for certain qualities to ensure that you get exactly the quality of service that you’re paying for. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 and we would give you a  high-quality door, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll last […]

What Is A Chip Key Duplicate

As the name implies, a chip key duplicate is ideally going to be an identical copy of the key that you already have. It’s also essential to understand the differences between chip key duplicates, replacing a key, or cutting a new key. Contact us today at (888) 855-6257 If you looking for an experienced, reputable, and professional […]

Automatic Door Servicing MI

Automatic Door Servicing MI Maintenance is a vital part of any automatic door system for both safety of the users and prolonging the life of the door asset. Great Lakes Security Hardware is highly qualified in all current regulations of safety standards for Automatic Doors, Automated Gates, Automatic Barriers, and Industrial Door Systems. While you […]

Convert Your Manual Door To An Automatic Handicap Door Opener

A high-quality commercial handicap door operator Southfield MI provides quiet, smooth, automatic door control without failing following heavy use or compromising traffic flow. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we want to ensure your family and business is safe and secure. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 for a free, no-obligation estimate for a Commercial Handicap Door Opener Southfield MI that’ll best […]