Important Considerations before Selecting the Residential Automatic Door Openers

How it Works?

There are a wide range of devices and equipments that make life easier for disabled persons. An automatic door opener is one such product. It opens the door automatically after receiving the signal from a switch or a remote. Some of these door openers also use the sensor technology. In this type of design, when someone pushes the door about 1-3 inches, the opener senses the pressure and automatically opens the door to its fullest. The automatic door openers need electricity to operate. In case of power failure, a battery backup system is needed to keep the device operational. Residential automatic door openers are a great accessibility aid that should be used in every residential building.

Legally Required for Commercial Buildings

For residential buildings that operate on a commercial basis, it is mandatory to keep all the facilities compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The residential automatic door openers for disabled help property owners comply with this Act. Whether it is a commercial residential building or a private residence, the automatic door opener is needed to make the entry and exit easier for disabled people. These openers are compact devices that can be installed easily without breaking the wall or the door.

The Installation

The residential automatic door openers are technologically advanced products. These openers can be used in any type of home. For the front doors, the opener used to pull in the door is recommended. The opening device installed from inside remains protected from the weather and vandalism. For other doors that are inside home, a push or pull type of opener can be used. These units are installed on the upper side of the door, while the device’s single pneumatic arm is attached to the upper door frame. For installation in an existing building, new electrical wiring up to the device may be needed.

Convenience and Security

Most homes have swing doors that move on hinges. The residential automatic door openers for individuals have a small pneumatic arm that is used to open or close the door. By simply pressing the remote buttons, the disabled individuals can easily open, close, lock and unlock the door. Some of the opener designs combine these standard features with the security systems. This makes the whole setup more secure for everyone. There are intercom systems, infrared devices and access control systems that can be integrated with these openers. After the integration, the overall system not only makes the entry and exit process smooth but also enhances the security features.

Easy Availability

The devices we install are made with durable materials and components made to last. A door opener is generally an ‘install it and forget it’ system. It means any repair or replacement is needed only after  years of use. Every part and component of the automatic door systems we install are usually in stock if a repair is needed. At Great Lakes Security Hardware we offer reliable and experienced automatic door installation. Contact us Today

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