Commercial Door Openers

Commercial Door Openers

Commercial Door Openers For Businesses

Your business is like your baby. You would do anything to protect it. Using commercial door openers is one of the most effective ways to protect your business and your livelihood. Here’s why.

If you are a business owner, then you know how much your life has been poured into this business. Some people think that business owners have it easy. They are their own boss and can make their own hours. Heck, it’s almost like not working at all!

But nothing can be further from the truth. When you start your own business, you become married to it. It evolves into a love / hate relationship. Yet despite the tumultuous time, you would be devastated if something happened to your baby … your business, and that you aim to protect your business in the best way possible. One of the most proven ways you can protect your business is by installing commercial doors. Commercial doors are an investment decision worth making. You add protection and credibility to your facility by adding the security level of your commercial building.

When most people think of Automatic Doors door openers, they often imagine the remote access device or other handheld to open and close the access point. In fact, the opener is a mechanical device that opens the door. It can be a box along the fence line, attached to the door itself or underground. Commercial door openers can be either mechanical or hydraulic. Mechanical openers can be high voltage or low voltage. Today, many low voltage systems are enhanced by solar panels to operate if the power is off.

Mechanical openers are typically used for driveway doors (sliding or swinging) and for barrier doors (think parking entrance and exit). Mechanical doors are supplied from the main line and can be high voltage or low voltage. As mentioned earlier, backup power systems are essential in the case of a power failure. Although solar panels are increasing in popularity and some openers are 100% solar energy, most openers have operated a battery backup system.

Commercial Door Openers – Hydraulic

The other common type of commercial door openers is a hydraulic. Using hydraulic fluids, these openers are capable of opening a traditional door driveway household to large commercial doors. One advantage of hydraulic openers is that they can be made as non-locking doors, which reduces the external damage if hit. However, such collision can damage the internal seals, which can be repaired. Hydraulic doors are often preferred for commercial door openers for businesses needs since they open faster and are better able to sustain collisions.

Whatever type of opener-used, safety is always a top priority for the manufacturer, company installation, the purchaser and end user. Over the years, security and technology requirements have greatly improved. All commercial door openers for businesses should have detection of obstacles and settings to detect and react to wind. Just as there are different types of openers, there are different security mechanisms that are optimal for your opener.

Infra red beams, or photos beams are the most common safety characteristic of. This feature gives two red beams to detect vehicles and pedestrians to be caught in a closing door. In ground loops use magnets to detect when the metal passes into the door field.

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Commercial Door Openers