Keeping Things in Safes Business

Commercial and Business Safes Keeping what you want kept safe, safe in safes. Design has moved on a lot in the world and commercial safes have followed suit. Gone are the old rusty iron safes of yesterday to be replaced by more aesthetically pleasing designs that blend with the decor and surroundings. Pictures taken this […]

Keeping Things Safe Home Safes

Keeping Things in home Safes When people hear the words ‘ a safe’  they immediately think of the safes they have seen in Hollywood blockbusters. There is a lot more to safes then these massive vaults that seem to be easy to get into and are always stocked with vast sums or money that fits […]

Security Doors Looks, Style, Function Security Doors come in many shapes and styles A security door is now commonly found installed not just in commercial establishments but in homes as well. Although all doors often have two or more secure locks, many feel safer with a security door, especially there is an increase in the number of break-ins and […]

Commercial Door Requirements

[uds-billboard name=commercial] Commercial Door Requirements Means more than just compliance Exterior commercial door requirements are things that should be carefully considered because the exterior door of any commercial establishment – whether it is a small store, a quaint little book shop or coffee nook, or a big and popular go-to place of regular customers – […]

Security Hardware Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips Door-Hardware Maintenance Includes Lubrication, Adjustment Most door-hardware components require maintenance at some point, due to general wear and tear from regular use. Among the most common types of repairs for these components are lubrication, adjustment, alignment and weather sealing. Lubrication is required once every six months to a year for all security hardware, […]