Locked Out Of Your Safe?

Disassembling the wiring of the unit to get access to what’s inside your safe may end up disappointing you. It’ll not only trigger a manual lockout, but it can also leave your safe useless once it’s open. Lockout specialist at Great Lakes Security Hardware are highly trained in all lockout emergencies, including opening locked safes. Next time you find […]

Security System

Test Your Security System

Test your security alarm and monitoring before you leave to ensure that it is working correctly. Hire a reliable, professional locksmith such as Great Lakes Security Hardware to test your door locks and alarm systems. Give us a call at (888) 855-6257 or fill out the contact form.

Access Control System

Upgrade Your Lock To Access Control Systems

You shouldn’t have a basic lock fitted to the doors in your premise. Visit Great Lakes Security Hardware to purchase an access entry system that requires a pass card with an individual microchip, or a code number. As a result, you will be able to monitor the movement of your employees and deter criminals. Call […]

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Choose the Right Security Features for Your Business

Business security is a complex task. You can choose from many different features depending on your business needs. Are you looking for reliable and comprehensive security systems? Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware, Roseville, MI today. Call us at 888-855-6257. You can also fill out our online contact form.

Business Security Tips

Business Security Tips

Business Security Tips 10 Business Security Tips. Today, advanced technology and other capital assets play a significant role in every business. It is important to ensure that you protect your business with the right security in place and following these Business Security Tips. You should also remember that the security of your premises is paramount. […]

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You Do Not Have to Move Around With Keys Anymore

With electronic door lock systems, you will not have to carry keys or worry about fidgeting at your door to get it open or losing your key. If you want a safe, convenient, and low-cost security solution for your home, consider residential electronic door locks. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware to learn more about these locks and […]


 Never Drill Into a Locked Safe

Whether electronic, standard key or combination lock, drilling to get access is quite dangerous. Without the expert knowledge on the manufacture of the safe, you can hurt yourself while drilling it. Furthermore, you’ll damage the safe, making it useless. If you’ve locked your self out of your safe, call Great Lakes security Hardware at 888-855-6257.

Locksmith service

Secure Your Business Now

When you are running a business, you should take all the necessary actions and initiatives to ensure your business is secure. From the breaking and entering to modern, sophisticated hackers, you must ensure your business is equipped with effective and comprehensive Security Systems Roseville, MI Like those provided by Great Lakes security Hardware.  It is key […]

Commercial door installation

Best Commercial Door Installation

If you want to keep your commercial doors in good working condition, you should have a reliable commercial door installation company Like Great Lakes Security Hardware by your side. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from installation all the way through to maintenance and repairs. give us a call today at 888-855-6257.