Roseville Wall Safe Installation

Roseville Wall Safe Installation

Roseville Wall Safe Installation

How do you feel when you think about your precious items, which holds monetary and sentimental value, being stolen? You need a safe if you have such valuables in your home. It protects your possessions from intruders and other devastating occurrences such as a fire outbreak. For this reason, many people are now going for home safes as they’re considered to be excellent protection. Once you make a decision, professionals at Great Lakes Security Hardware are ready to do Roseville wall safe installation for you.

Safes come in different types, and if you want to keep your possessions or valuables safe, it can be challenging to determine the right kind of safe for storing your valuable items. The items you wish to keep will determine the type of safe to choose.

A burglarproof safe is ideal for storing money and valuables while a fireproof safe is suitable when you want to keep your documents. Wall safes are one of the most popular choices because they offer the following benefits:

1. Easy Access

Wall safes are installed at an eye-level, making it easier for the owner to organize his or her items inside and look at the safe to keep it in check whenever one wished to. You do not need to move a desk or rug and neither bend over severally to open it and take out or deposit your valuables, like in the case of floor safes. Therefore, it makes it less cumbersome to enhance ease of access.

2. Security Features

A burglar-resistant safe is primarily designed to make it so difficult for burglars to break into a safe but a wall safe already delivers that quality feature. Our professional provides high-quality, professional Roseville wall safe installation that guarantees top-notch work.

Wall safes are bolted against the wall, and the technicians cover these bolts with thick flange, making it difficult for any burglar to remove it off the wall.

For many burglars, time is running out, and they’re under pressure. Therefore, they would instead grab items that are readily available than spending time and energy trying to access something and risk being caught.

So, when installing a safe, ensure that it’s secured to the part of your home that can’t be compromised easily.

3. Easy To Conceal

Locating a wall safe is very difficult. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. The owner only knows the location of the safe. It can be in the closet, kitchen, bathroom, storeroom or any other room of the house, as long as it’s secured properly. Also, you can easily conceal the location with a picture or any other normal wall hanging.

This feature is what distinguishes wall safes from the floor safes. It is easier to find a floor safe than a wall safe. The burglar will need to listen carefully to the cracking of his steps while they’re walking around a home to find a hollow patch on the floor.

4. Saves Space

A jewelry safe or gun safe takes up much space since they’re installed on the floor and it’s likely a burglar will figure out the location. A wall safe uses vertical space, and therefore, you can install it anywhere in your house, where you believe is the most inconspicuous place.

Therefore, unlike jewelry safe or gun safe, a wall safe won’t cramp limited space. Instead, it’ll provide you more space.

5. Easy To Install

Wall safes are an excellent choice for storing your documents, jewelry, and other valuable items. They weigh less than the floor safe; so we can deliver and install them quickly with no complications.

These safes come with manuals and fixing kits, so you can either install it yourself or hire a professional from Great Lakes Security Hardware to do the job. However, it’s highly advisable to hire a professional since they have all the necessary tools, and if the unexpected happens, they can come up with an immediate solution to address the issue.

Besides a safe expert, hiring a locksmith is a good move. Remember, a safe is only as good as its lock. You should install a wall safe to protect your valuable, irreplaceable belongings from fire and theft. This will give you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Roseville Wall Safe Installation

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Roseville Wall Safe Installation

Roseville Wall Safe Installation