Safes have traditionally been used to keep high quantities of money safe.

There was a time when every workplace paid wages in cash and this had to be stored somewhere before it was issued. Shops, post offices and banks all had safes often in plain view where there money was stored. Many pictures taken in the nineteenth century and early twentieth show a proud storekeeper leaning on their mighty safe. Businesses have always needed safes and it is still true today. Wages these days are no longer paid in cash by most employers and the world is moving towards electronic purchases but many people still use cash to buy groceries, fuel and other everyday items. This cash has to be stored safely and aside from bank drop boxes a safe is the most secure option.

It is better to lock the cash in the safe overnight and for it to be picked by a security guard the next day then it is to put it all in a bag and walk a few blocks to the drop box. Not only is the cash likely to be swiped but it is very likely the unlucky gopher carrying the bag will have a sore head at the very least probably worse. Leaving the cash overnight presents a risk as well.

Businesses need safes to store not only their cash but their important files, valuables and countless examples of documents.

As in the design of home safes, business safes are designed to be unobtrusive and affordable for even the smallest company or store. After all not every business will need a vault to store things in. Anyway the vaults prove too tempting to European bank robbers trying their luck in the USA. Unless you have John McClane on speed dial it is probably best to go for a more reasonable type of safe. Businesses may also wish to consider other forms of protection like lap top safes or even fire resistant filing cabinets. Its not always naughty balaclava clad burglars that can take things away. Fire does an equally good job and it is worth remembering that after a fire you will never get anything that is lost back. Insurance cover will help but some things are irreplaceable. Imagine losing records of customers orders or invoices or even personal property that people have given you temporarily.
Nowadays safes no longer have to dominate the workplace.

Types of Safes

They can be hidden or designed to look like everyday objects. Of course some people like to show others that they put their valuables in a safe as a deterrent almost. You can choose a safe like this if you wish. One that stands out and says’ Thats right, its all in the safe and you can’t get it!’ It may be more convenient to choose a smaller safe but they will all do the same job.

Home Safes

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