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From wireless locks to mobile locks and beyond, the security lock and hardware space has revolutionized in the modern times and provide means to address the latest access control trends. Habitually a building’s security doors are thought to be the main security deterrent. Even though these doors are the key factor of a well-designed security hardware system, they are only a single part.

A door system would include the frames, hinges, the door handle, the closure, the door, and lock mechanism. These mechanical locks are designed to allow these doors to function properly and provide security, however; the security hardware industry is not as cut-and-dried as it used to be.

In fact, these critical systems are now following the industry trend which means that security hardware is not moving towards electronic systems. The reason for this is the heightened awareness that is present today in terms of security.

Even though most installations today depend on keys, electronic systems are being installed in places where security is the number one priority. Most institutions still rely on using keys, however; departments inside the organization must be kept segregated from normal access and be tightly controlled.

Buildings that have a higher risk of being attacked will opt for a more sophisticated locking system. The proper evaluation will be conducted to decide what type of protection is needed in the organization and to determine the most cost-effective system suited for the organization. Contact Great Lake Security Hardware today and choose the best in the industry for all your security requirements.

One major thing to remember when choosing an electronic system is to sustain an uninterrupted power supply.  Some latest card styles that have changed the security hardware and door locking system include:

  • Hollerith Cards that are commonly used for hotel rooms. The card is inserted in the designated place, and the lock opens once the card matches the registered information.
  • Proximity cards; these cards are embedded with microcircuits that can emit frequencies. This frequency can then be detected by the card reader within a range of 2 to 4 inches.
  • Biometric cards; these cards substantiate identities on the basis of biometric physiognomies such as handprints, voice, face, eye pattern and also vein identification.

What Can You Expect In 2018?

The consumer preferences of Millennials are fostering growth in multiple industries and the security hardware market is of no exception. Rapid innovations taking place in the security market, globally and locally, has offered residents with access to a variety of hardware solutions to keep their housing and businesses safe.

Some trends that may help in shaping home security further down the road include more power to app-based smart security systems, connected security platforms and advanced features based on child security.

Excellent companies such as Great Lake Security Hardware keeps a close eye on all latest trends and include the best working practices in their work. Get your hands on the most affordable yet amazing security services in Roseville. Contact us today at 888-855-6257 for best security hardware sales, service and installation services.

Security Doors

Security Doors