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Welcome to our locksmith company—the leading provider of locksmith services in the region. We are fully devoted to offering the finest quality lock & security services at affordable prices. As the top locksmith firm, we are always committed to exceeding our clients` expectations with high-quality products and installations. Our skills, experience, and knowledge of doors, locks, and all commercial security hardware provide our customers with safety and confidence.

Our service counters are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled experts who are ready to help our valued customers with all issues of security, right from repairs, all the way to detailed security services to suit the needs of our clients.

Our Security Services

We offer a broad variety of security services including:

• Door and frames—metal, wood, fiberglass reinforced polyester, and aluminum storefront

• Electronic security systems—access control, video surveillance, and electromechanical locks

• Mechanical locking hardware—panic devices, deadbolts, locks, high security locks & keys, and master key systems

• Safes and vaults—fire, data safes, and burglary

• Automatic door operators—for swinging doors, and sliding doors

We offer automatic master key system and a wide variety of key banks. Besides, our company`s fleet of mobile service vans makes our locksmith services more reliable. Our trucks are fully stocked to meet the needs of our clients efficiently and quickly.

Reasons To Choose Our Security Services

1. Experience

We have been supplying various customers with top quality security services for years. Also, we have had an opportunity of serving many people, especially the individuals who are in need of the highest quality commercial security hardware in the region. Therefore, because of the many years that we have operated this business combined with the many people that we have served, we have gained a lot of skills, expertise, and knowledge in this sector. So, we are experts.

2. Excellent customer service

Our company`s customer service is efficient and reliable.

3. 24/7 emergency service

We offer 24/7 security emergency services. We have fully stocked trucks that help us to supply our services efficiently and promptly.

4. Affordable services

We offer reasonably priced and high-quality security services. That is why we are rated highly in the industry.

In conclusion, our locksmith firm is respected and recognized as an elite dealer in the business. Our company is always proud to be one of the authorized locksmith services providers in the industry. For sure, we are committed to providing our customers with various high-security alternatives for their businesses. Be sure to contact us for the highest quality commercial security hardware.

Commercial Security Hardware


Electronic Door Locks

Electronic Door Locks For Your Home

Our lives are threatened every now and then, any mishap can happen when we are on the road traveling to our work, or even at home where we consider being safe. House breaks and robberies are on the rise and the elderly have become quite vulnerable in the cities. There is a need to make at least our homes and neighborhood safe and livable for our families with kids and elderly.
There are various security programs and alerts are carried out by local police, yet we need to do something on our part as well to ensure safety for all. Some localities are quite good in terms of security while others are not so safe. This is why it is essential to ensure safety of our own families using electronic door locks no matter what.

Families usually opt for a safety door and multi-lever locks to avoid thefts. With advancement in technology a lot of people are opting for electronic door locks. It is a good way to ensure safety and protection of your family with high-tech locks. Thieves and burglars have a tough time cracking these electronic door locks.

There are quite a few variations to choose from as different companies offer different types of settings. The most favored are the digital ones which use a keypad that has number keys or letters. You need to enter a password to get through it, it is quite a task to break through this pass code.

Another variety of electronic door locks is that which requires a magnetic scanner disk and coded keys there are others which require a remote control and similar support gadgets. These are not as common as the digital ones. These magnetic scanner door locks are quite useful for places that have high traffic. You can simply code each of the security token separately with a different signature and hence keep tracks of visitors.

It is not possible to replicate these tokens and is wonderful for workplaces with high employee turnover. Another type of security device which is electronic is the biometric lock which requires a voice or fingerprint and even at times a retinal authentication. These are very successful for high security zones where only a particular set of people are allowed to enter.

When you are really bothered about the securing your home and offices you can rely on electronic door locks to ensure total security at all times.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic Key Management System

Knowing who has access to a facility at any point in time helps to protect the things we value most. Without a key management program that incorporates some form of patented key restriction, the ability to control key duplication becomes an impossible task. While high security keys and cylinders do tend to cost more than their conventional counterparts, the ability to mix in conventional and high security cylinders within a facility decreases that financial impact and still provides a higher level of control.

Security Doors

Come to us with any security problem related to commercial complex or residential complex we will not lag behind in providing solution by installing security doors or adding security system to your existing doors. Our cost ranges are the most affordable ones suiting to pockets of all classes of customers.

Commercial Door Requirements

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Commercial Door Requirements Means more than just compliance

Exterior commercial door requirements are things that should be carefully considered because the exterior door of any commercial establishment – whether it is a small store, a quaint little book shop or coffee nook, or a big and popular go-to place of regular customers – is one of the first things that will say a lot about it. People may look at the establishment as a whole, but will always eventually seek out the entrance to it. This is especially the case when the Open and Closed signs are placed on or near the door, as well as the operating hours, menu, sale signs, or specials listings. Hence, taking the time to choose and install an exterior commercial door is just as important, if not more important, than designing the whole place and choosing the perfect decor and accents to go with it. So even though these are not part of the commercial door requirements, having a company that can help you with the design and esthetics can be just as important.

The most basic commercial door requirements

Are those that have to do with its style, material, and application. The style refers to a door’s design and type. It has to match the overall architectural design of the store or establishment, and has to be one with its theme or color scheme. A door can be a simple single door of wooden finish with glass panels. Doors with a wooden theme or look can be easily played around with when it comes to designing it as a wood design can be so versatile. Single doors can also be a typical glass door with aluminum sides.

An establishment’s exterior doors can also be the two-door type. Two-door types also come in a variety of designs. It can highlight an elegant look of a building when framed with bricks or it can be a typical pair of double glass doors which open to a bright, inviting, and cheerful store or cafe.

The material and application of exterior doors are more focused on a door’s functional aspect but their execution can also play around with the building or establishment’s theme and over all style. It is just important to consider the door’s material – being an exterior part, it has to be able to withstand various environmental conditions and changes in seasons. The outside part of the door is also constantly exposed to the elements hence it requires more durable, sturdier, and tougher material. If a door’s design is wooden, it has to be a specific quality of wood that can last being an outdoor material. If it has glass panels, the glass material has to be the thicker and tougher types.

With regard to the commercial door requirements application, exterior doors can be installed in such a way that they swing open or close, or that they slide apart or close. Automatic doors may also either swing or slide, depending on the design and space for the entrance and exits of the establishment.

Even if customers are going to a store to see what is inside it, it is still important to ensure that the doors that will welcome them have met the basic commercial door requirements, and are as inviting to walk through.

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