Looking For a Trusted Commercial Door Repair Company?

You should consider the variety of services that each repair and installation company offers in your area so that you can choose the right one that meets your requirements. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 if you are looking for a door repair company.

Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

Commercial hollow metal doors are used by companies worldwide. They offer a solid and secure protection while making access easy and safe in the building. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 for options that fit your budget.

Commercial Door Installation

Commercial Door Installation – Roseville MI

We all want to keep our commercial doors in good working condition. For that reason, you should have a reliable commercial door installation company by your side. These companies usually offer a wide variety of services ranging from installation all the way through to maintenance and repairs.

But, with many commercial door installation companies in Roseville, Michigan, it is imperative you select the right one to ensure they’re the right choice for your business. Are you looking for tips to help you make an informed decision?

Commercial Door Installation Tips

1. Reputability

First of all, you should ensure the commercial door installation company has a good reputation in Roseville, Michigan. Whether you’re looking to install sectional overhead doors, cold storage doors, overhead coiling doors or something else, you should look for a company with an excellent reputation to offer you high-quality services you seek.

Asking other building owners or businesses in Roseville, Michigan for their recommendations can prove helpful. After all, they obviously will not recommend a company unless they’ve had an excellent experience with them!

You can also check many reviews about companies online that can give you a better idea of what to expect.

2. Expertise

The next crucial step is to establish whether the commercial door installation company has vast knowledge and experience of what they do. They should be able to supply, install, maintain and repair all types of commercial doors.

It is also imperative to ensure that the company you choose offer these services efficiently, quickly and without hassle. Such qualities should inform your decision-making. Remember, you will have to develop a long-term professional relationship that’ll last many years to come.

3. Turnaround Times

Another essential factor you must take into account is the turnaround time the company promises. If your commercial building lacks a working door right now, you will not have time to wait around for the company to “come around” and offer the repair services you need.

Therefore, you’re better off working with a company which provides a 24/7 service, with emergency same-day services if necessary.

4. Cost

Finally, you should consider the cost of installation and/or service. While the cost is a crucial factor, it is imperative to remember cheap does not always mean better. More often than not, cheaper services are more likely to cause complaints regarding quality. That is the reason you should go for high-quality work over cost, period!

So, as you look for a commercial door installation service in Roseville, Michigan, keep these tips in mind to help you find a company that best suits your needs!


commercial Door Installation

ADA Doors Macomb Co. MI

ADA Doors – Americans with Disabilities Act

The Great Lakes Security Hardware is a leading locksmith service provider that has been in the industry for years. Our company`s history begins from the days when we were servicing residential garage doors. Indeed, we have been offering residential door repair and installation services for many years. Today, we are happy that our business has grown over the years into a complete ADA doors expert in both residential and commercial markets.

Our key business focusses on commercial applications to include manual storefronts, automated storefronts, automatic gate operations for parking lots, overhead door for warehouses, access controls for the secured openings, and handicap access control to comply with the current American Disability Act (ADA doors) requirements.

All our ADA Doors technicians are AAADM certified. In addition, our technicians are qualified for various types of specialized handicap door repairs and installations.

Our Services

For sure, every business owner must always ensure that the existing doors of their business provide all their customers with usefulness, security, and convenience that was meant to be. Great Lakes Security Hardware has operated this business for many years. We offer various products that come from proven manufacturers that can offer our clients the perfect door solutions for every budget and situation. As an ADA door specialist, we offer doors that are:

• Lasting & Durable

• Guaranteed to be of the highest quality

• Simple to operate in order to satisfy our clients` door solutions

• Meets different building codes

• Offer the required security

There hasn’t been a better time to improve the appearance, overall security, and the feel of a business with the help of commercial door solutions from Great Lakes Security Hardware.

What We Provide

Quality ADA doors will improve accessibility, convenience, and security of the business. This is crucial since business equipment & inventory are key assets to the business. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we install ADA doors that meet and exceed the toughest test for durability and performance. Indeed, our doors meet all specifications of our clients` security requirements, while addressing the building code needs.

Our products and an extensive variety of high-quality manufacturers enable our company to provide our customers with correct ADA doors solutions.

Why Choose Us

We beat our competitors is because of the following:

• We are knowledgeable, skilled, and competent

• We are committed to serving our clients

• All our door specialists are experienced

• We offer excellent customer service

• We are rated top by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware today for all of your commercial door needs.

ADA Doors

Commercial Door Openers

Commercial Door Openers For Businesses

Your business is like your baby. You would do anything to protect it. Using commercial door openers is one of the most effective ways to protect your business and your livelihood. Here’s why.

If you are a business owner, then you know how much your life has been poured into this business. Some people think that business owners have it easy. They are their own boss and can make their own hours. Heck, it’s almost like not working at all!

But nothing can be further from the truth. When you start your own business, you become married to it. It evolves into a love / hate relationship. Yet despite the tumultuous time, you would be devastated if something happened to your baby … your business, and that you aim to protect your business in the best way possible. One of the most proven ways you can protect your business is by installing commercial doors. Commercial doors are an investment decision worth making. You add protection and credibility to your facility by adding the security level of your commercial building.

When most people think of Automatic Doors door openers, they often imagine the remote access device or other handheld to open and close the access point. In fact, the opener is a mechanical device that opens the door. It can be a box along the fence line, attached to the door itself or underground. Commercial door openers can be either mechanical or hydraulic. Mechanical openers can be high voltage or low voltage. Today, many low voltage systems are enhanced by solar panels to operate if the power is off.

Mechanical openers are typically used for driveway doors (sliding or swinging) and for barrier doors (think parking entrance and exit). Mechanical doors are supplied from the main line and can be high voltage or low voltage. As mentioned earlier, backup power systems are essential in the case of a power failure. Although solar panels are increasing in popularity and some openers are 100% solar energy, most openers have operated a battery backup system.

Commercial Door Openers – Hydraulic

The other common type of commercial door openers is a hydraulic. Using hydraulic fluids, these openers are capable of opening a traditional door driveway household to large commercial doors. One advantage of hydraulic openers is that they can be made as non-locking doors, which reduces the external damage if hit. However, such collision can damage the internal seals, which can be repaired. Hydraulic doors are often preferred for commercial door openers for businesses needs since they open faster and are better able to sustain collisions.

Whatever type of opener-used, safety is always a top priority for the manufacturer, company installation, the purchaser and end user. Over the years, security and technology requirements have greatly improved. All commercial door openers for businesses should have detection of obstacles and settings to detect and react to wind. Just as there are different types of openers, there are different security mechanisms that are optimal for your opener.

Infra red beams, or photos beams are the most common safety characteristic of. This feature gives two red beams to detect vehicles and pedestrians to be caught in a closing door. In ground loops use magnets to detect when the metal passes into the door field.

Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware for all your security needs.

Commercial Door Openers


Choosing Your Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors

Keeping your business safe is very important. It is essential to ensure your premises are easily accessible for customers and staff. Achieving a balance between being accessible and secure can be difficult. For this reason, many companies are turning to reliable suppliers that can help them choose the best quality, strong, safe and secure commercial doors.

Types Of Commercial Doors

However, Commercial Doors come in many varieties depending on the type of business, size, location, and last but not least style. The different types of commercial doors are roll-up doors, firebreak doors, garage doors and scissors gates. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but you should opt for the best one depending on your needs. These gates can be made from different materials such as glass, dock, aluminum, wood, or metal.

Commercial hollow metal doors are used by companies worldwide. They offer a solid and secure protection while making access easy and safe in the building. Commercial metal doors are also widely used for loading docks where the goods must be loaded and unloaded directly from, and too utility vehicles.

Metal doors may be used in a part of a building where a strong and sturdy door is required. They are widely used in manufacturing and warehouses. They can also be used on the back of retail buildings where deliveries are received.

Metal doors can also be custom made to look good, and can therefore be considered for the facade of a building, if any. Everything depends on the business needs. A good provider will have a variety of doors available as metal doors, glass doors and all types of automatic doors. Customized doors can also be commissioned to meet all purposes and budget, and can be designed to be as functional, flowered and secure as required by the customer.

Commercial doors are easy to open, safe to use and provide secure locking can be used for emergency exits or entrances of a zone of a building, outside or inside. A good supplier will help you choose the right material, style and type of door to suit your needs.

Features For Commercial Doors

For specialized needs, you can also consider features such as the security entrance systems, door alarms, and emergency stop barsor even bulletproof glass and security. Entry can be granted by entering the code, card, key-fobs or sensors.

A reliable supplier will work with you to find out exactly what is needed for all your doors. They will give you options that fit your budget and you usually give two or three options. Once you have identified the right commercial doors the company will arrange for them to be manufactured.   Once installed, all doors are properly tested to ensure that everything works as it should.


Commercial Doors


Automatic Doors For You Business

Studies show businesses with automatic doors are perceived by consumers to have a higher level of service than those that do not. An automatic door can be a great a way to help position a company a step above.

Automatic Commercial Doors

For older demographics. When buildings are in neighborhoods with an older demographic, such as near a retirement community, automatic doors can provide a huge competitive advantage. Retail stores, movie theaters, and restaurants that welcome customers with an auto open and close door are much appreciated by those who may be dealing with disabilities, canes, and walkers.

Security Doors

Come to us with any security problem related to commercial complex or residential complex we will not lag behind in providing solution by installing security doors or adding security system to your existing doors. Our cost ranges are the most affordable ones suiting to pockets of all classes of customers.

Choosing The Right Door

A door is an important part of your home or business because it’s what separates you from the outside world. You can never be too secure within your building and you need a door that will act as a barrier from what you want to keep out. We will work closely with you to help you select the right door for your needs – as well as locks.