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Today, because of increase in technology there are multiple types of locks available in the markets which are more complex and difficult to understand as compared to ordinary or old age locks. For that purpose you need a skilled and professional locksmith services for better assistance and guidance. Professionals and experts of locksmith services are specially trained and fully educated to easily deal with any types of locks.


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Commercial Locksmith

We evaluate the current security system of our clients’ business properties. This helps determine if the current security scheme is still effective. If not, we will suggest steps on how to improve the safety of your business.

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Commercial vs. Residential Door Hardware

Commercial vs. Residential Door Hardware

When it comes to locks, all of them are created equal, right? Not so, there’s differences between commercial and residential door hardware. Although they are similar, they’re built to address very different demands. In a residential space, the doorknobs and locks aren’t used as much; however, in a commercial building with a lot of traffic like a dentist office, residential hardware wouldn’t last very long.

Commercial vs. Residential Door Hardware

Locks have certain standards granted to them by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI. ANSI assigns certain grades to locks depending on their longevity and durability. From the highest to the lowest, they are rated Grade 1, 2 and 3.

Grade 3 locks are your basic residential locks. They meet the minimum requirements set by ANSI. Though they are still safe, they aren’t made for frequent use like in a commercial building. Unless your home gets a lot of traffic, a Grade 3 lock would work perfectly fine for your purpose. If you have a large family, however, you might want to upgrade locks.

Grade 2 locks are meant for residential buildings with high traffic, like an apartment complex. The front doors to the complex typically experience a lot of traffic, so it would be best to get Grade 2 locks. Grade 2 locks would also work for houses with large families. Grade 2 locks can also be used for commercial building with lower traffic, like an office building.

Grade 1 locks are the highest rating ANSI gives because they are the more durable. They are designed for heavier commercial use in places such as schools. However, if you’re a smaller commercial building and your Grade 2 locks seem to be wearing out faster than they should, you might want to upgrade to Grade 1 locks.

You can also purchase residential hinges for houses because they aren’t going to get a lot of wear and tear in a residential building. Commercial buildings require more durable hinges.

Much door hardware comes with a warranty, but you have to make sure that you’re using a residential lock on a residential building and a commercial lock in a commercial building, otherwise your warranty could be void.

If you have questions about which locks you should choose or you need hardware installed, contact your trusted partners at Great Lakes Security Hardware.


Commercial vs. Residential Door Hardware

Choosing a Locksmith

How do you find a reliable locksmith? What aspects should be considered? What are things to watch for? There is much to consider when choosing a locksmith, and many people don’t take that into account. Contact us today and we will answer your questions.

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Security Hardware

Whatever your door or security hardware need commercial or residential, GLSH has the solution.

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When to Consider Changing Business Locks

When to Consider Changing Business Locks

When you have a business, your most important concerns are to keep your belongings and employees safe. If you didn’t rekey when you moved in and still haven’t, it’s time to consider it. Though it might not seem important now, there’s many reasons why you should consider changing the business locks in your commercial space.

Staffing Changes

If you had an employee leave, especially if they had keys, it would be a good consideration to get your business locks rekeyed. You have no way of knowing if an employee made a copy of the key while they were still in possession of it. They can now easily gain entrance even if they no longer have a copy of the original key. The last thing you want is for a disgruntled employee to break in and steal your precious properly. If an employee leaves, whether they are management or an hourly employee and at one time had access to the keys, change your business locks. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hiring Contract Workers

If you’ve hired contract workers that did work in your office building during non-business periods, you may have had to provide the workers with a key to get in. When the work is done, make sure you collect all the keys. Even after you make sure all the keys are collected, you still might want to consider changing the business locks. You don’t know if they may have had time to copy the key.

Lost Keys

Losing a key happens to almost everyone at some point and time. If one of you or one of your employees loses his or her key, you should immediately call a locksmith and change your business locks. In the meantime, add some additional security until the locks are changing. You don’t know whose hands that the keys could be in before the locks get changed.

Security Breach

If someone, somehow gains access to your building through forced entry, they may have taken a set of keys as they left so that they could enter in easily again. The first thing that you should do is change your business locks. You can also upgrade to a new security system.

Changing Business Locks

It can be beneficial to change the business locks routinely – at least once a year. Change the date that you change the locks on so that no potential burglar has a way to capitalize on the pattern.

You put a lot of time and effort into your business.  You want to make sure that it’s as safe as possible. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware to change your business locks.

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When to Consider Changing Business Locks

Professional Locksmith Service

A professionally trained locksmith may do some or all of the following: install locks, deadbolts and other mechanical or electronic locking devices to safeguard homes, businesses, vehicles and other property.



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We have over 30 years of service and repair experience. Our facility is fitted with a machine shop, an extensive inventory and a fleet of service vehicles.

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Commercial Re-keying

Commercial Re-keying

Through commercial re-keying, Great Lakes Hardware will provide you with new keys for your business and the old ones will not work on the locks anymore. Commercial re-keying is a regular occurrence that can happen for many reasons. Broken or aged locks happen on buildings all the time. Maybe you’ve just recently bought a business. When you move into a commercial building, commercial re-keying should be the first priority. You never know how many people the previous owner might have given keys too.  We provide commercial re-keying services on a door-to-door or entire building basis.

Sometimes a previous employee might not return their keys and you don’t want them having access to the business.  It can be anxiety-provoking to know that a former employee is walking around with the keys to your business. You don’t want to put the safety of your other employees at risk, and you certainly don’t want a disgruntled ex-employee coming in and stealing any property! Great Lakes Security Hardware is no stranger to that situation. We’ll provide security for your business by commercial re-keying the place in record time.

Employees and managers lose keys all the time. Ask for our commercial re-keying services when this happens. We understand the impact that lost time can have on your business, and we’ll do the commercial re-keying as quickly as possible. We do commercial re-keying on all businesses from small businesses with a few employees to large corporations.

Our commercial re-keying service can also come in handy if you have too many keys on your keychain. If you would prefer to streamline your keychain, we can provide you with a master key system. This would allow one key to be used for some or all doors in your business.  Though this doesn’t come without its drawbacks, it can be a valid option for those that wish not to carry around so many keys.  Just be careful though, because if one person steals and copies the key, anyone can get into several doors of the business. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware now to start the master keying process.

Commercial Re-keying service

Call Great Lakes Security Hardware for your commercial re-keying needs. We offer congenial and expedient service at great rates. We understand that time is money, and we save you all the time we can. Whether it’s a small business or large corporation, Great Lakes Security Hardware should be your absolute first choice.

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