Industrial Metal Doors

An entry door is actually a door that can withstand consistent intense use and keep a property safe and secure for many years. These types of doors are utilized in industrial settings. Call us at (888) 855-6257 if you need an Interior & Exterior metal doors for safety and sturdiness. 

Residential Lock-Smith Experts

Seeking advice from experts such as Great Lakes Security Hardware and planning ahead is the most effective way to deal with business security problems. When it comes to your business security, you should focus on the following three main areas: property security; employee security; and internet security. For more information Contact Great Lake Security Hardware on 888-855-6257.

Commercial Safes Macomb County

Quality Commercial Safes

Thanks for choosing our services. The commercial safes & vaults that we provide Malcomb County offer a high level of protection for all sensitive materials and valuables of our clients. The safes that we offer are good for banks, retails, warehouses, offices, and any other requirements in the protections of businesses and assets. For the sake of the peace of mind of our clients, we are licensed as one of the security contractors in electronic access control, alarm systems, and many other locksmithing aspects.

We are bonded, qualified, certified, and insured. We always use the approved techniques of installing, diagnosing, servicing, repairing, and even troubleshooting. Also, we have the skills, experience, and knowledge to upgrade any safe locks right from dial configurations all the way to electronic lock configurations.

Our Company`s Commercial Safes & Vault Service And Supply Include:

• Gun safes

• Pawn safes

• Depository safes

• Fire safes

• Vaults & vault doors

• Hotel & dorm safes

• The highest security safes

• Table-top cash handling

• Bank safes & vaults

• DEA cages

• Cash drawers

• Data & Media safes

• Key cabinets

• Pharmacy cabinets & safes

• Safe cracking by experienced security cleared technicians

• Safe & Vault maintenance and service

Call us now. Our professional, and friendly customer care support team is standing by to receive calls from our clients and advise them accordingly. Also, our technicians are ready to provide high-quality solutions to any safe & vault needs.

Our Client Promise

We take pride in our experts` competency to offer the highest quality commercial safes services to our highly-valued customers. We provide:

• Free, expert advice on commercial safes, related security & locking products that offer the perfect solutions to meet time frames and budgets

• Efficient, professional services right from inquiry all the way to installation of commercial safes or locks

• Free delivery of the safes

• The highest quality after-care services, including maintenance and repair of locks or safes

For decades, we have consistently made happy friends out of our clients. Our clients are always happy, and completely satisfied with our commercial safes.

Professionally Accredited Firm

At our firm, our technicians pride themselves on their knowledge, skills, and expertise. They also pride themselves on the customer service they offer. As such, our company holds various professional accreditations to provide our clients with extra piece of mind on the quality of services & products that we provide.

We guarantee the highest quality commercial safes. We are reliable. Our services are affordable. Call now.

Commercial Safes

Electronic Key Management System

Knowing who has access to a facility at any point in time helps to protect the things we value most. Without a key management program that incorporates some form of patented key restriction, the ability to control key duplication becomes an impossible task. While high security keys and cylinders do tend to cost more than their conventional counterparts, the ability to mix in conventional and high security cylinders within a facility decreases that financial impact and still provides a higher level of control.

Keyless Locks

You’ve probably opened your car without sticking a key in the door for at least a decade. So why do we still use old-fashioned keys on the locks at home? Electronic locks, around for years, are a paradox. They seem so obvious in cars, hotel rooms and offices, yet alien at home. Now a crop of smart home deadbolts propose a different approach: Turning your smartphone into the key.

What We Do

For many years, the good people of Southeast Michigan have trusted Great Lakes Security Hardware with all of their security needs. Here at Great Lakes, we specialize in the service and installation of commercial doors and residential locks, security hardware and door systems. We do it all!

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Commercial Locksmith Service

Our commercial locksmiths are highly trained professional to work on any high traffic locks, panic bars, emergency exit door devices and fire escape devices. We install and repair hydraulic and concealed door closer on gates and front building doors, electric strike replacements and repair.

Why Choose Us

5 Reasons to Choose Us

For over 30 years, Southeast Michigan has trusted Great Lakes Security Hardware with all of their security needs. We specialize in the service and installation of commercial doors and residential locks, security hardware and door systems.

Here’s 5 reasons to choose us over all the other companies out there.

Reasons to Choose Us

We do it all

There’s many reasons to choose us, but this is the top one. We have exceptional commercial and residential locksmith services. We sell and service high-quality, long performing locks. Place your home and commercial security in our capable hands with the use of our commercial re-keying services. We also repair commercial and residential door frames in the event the door wears from weather or gets damaged by a break-in.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Need a new door or lock set? Or service on a door or security hardware? Every customer is very important to us! To contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff, simply call us at 888-855-6257 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’ll contact you as soon as possible and get you safe and secure again quickly! No customer is too small or large for us – one of many reasons to choose us.

Experienced Technicians

There’s no problem that is too challenging for us. We easily have some of the best technicians in Michigan working here at Great Lakes Security Hardware, and we’ll be able to successfully handle all your commercial and residential security needs faster and with a bigger smile than the competition! This is yet another one of the reasons to choose us.

Emergency Service

Have you ever forgotten your keys at home and got locked out?  Call Great Lakes Security Hardware and we will come help. We provide excellent residential and commercial services at non-commercial hours. After all, accidents happen!

You’re Safe With Us

Not only do we provide re-keying services and commercial and residential doors, but we also provide a wide range of safes both commercial and residential. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware today to discuss your safe needs.

These are some of the major reasons to choose us. There’s no business too large or small for us to work with.  There’s not a residential space that we can’t work in. When it comes to your home and commercial security needs, Great Lakes Security Hardware is a name you can trust. Our customer service agents and expert technicians are some of the best in the business!


 reasons to choose us


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Commercial doors are used in commercial buildings such as office buildings, retail shops and stores, restaurants, hotels and in schools. In addition to making a building secure, doors also serve aesthetic purposes.