Getting A Commercial Locksmith Roseville

Employing the services of an experienced, trustworthy, and skilled commercial locksmith Roseville can help keep your premise secure, and save you money in the long run. Call us today at (888) 855-6257 We can handle such issues and ensure that your business is back to smooth operation as quickly as possible. 

Commercial Locksmith Roseville

Commercial Locksmith Roseville

Your business is an asset, and your topmost priority should be ensuring it is well protected. Security is a significant threat to most businesses. Whether you’re a business owner or manager, you will do everything it takes to keep your business well protected and profitable. Sometimes, you may find yourself compromising situations where you have to deal with theft and burglary from criminals and even corrupt employees. Employing the services of an experienced, trustworthy, and skilled commercial locksmith Roseville can help keep your premise secure, and save you money in the long run. Without further ado, here are some of the essential services that a commercial locksmith offers, that could benefit your business:

1. Break-in Repairs

If you’ve ever experienced a break-in in your business, then you would understand the benefits of the services of a commercial locksmith. Your number one priority should be calling the police. 

You should call a reputable commercial locksmith for break-in repairs after reaching out to your local police. Our commercial locksmith from Great Lakes Security Hardware can repair and, if necessary, replaces your locks that were damaged during the break-in, thus, enhancing security in and around your business premise.

2. Master Key System

Our commercial locksmith Roseville can design a master key that provides easy access and maximum security to every single room or office in your building. A master key allows a business owner or manager to have control over the entire building at any given time.

3. Rekeying Office Locks

Your business grows as time goes on, and it will undergo different changes as it grows, including an increase in the number of your employees. Your employees often may have to keep the keys to one office door or the other. 

Retrieving your keys from an employee may be difficult, especially after they have left the company. This poses a significant risk to the security of your business. Any time you experience personnel change, a commercial locksmith will handle the rekeying of your locks efficiently. Before something bad happens, we will ensure that all of your office locks are rekeyed.

4. Access Control System

It’s essential that you hire a Roseville commercial locksmith to put a mechanism in place that ensures you don’ make copies of the keys whenever you give your office keys to an employee for any reason. Such copies can compromise the security of your office building.

A commercial locksmith can install an access control system so that no one can make copies without your permission. In this case, you’ll exclusive control over your office keys. Therefore, you can decide on the level of access to grant each employee.

5. CCTV System

A commercial locksmith Roseville can install a closed-circuit television system for your business. As a business owner or manager, you should endeavor to have CCTV systems on your premise. This will enable you to monitor your staff and keeps burglars away as well.

Great Lakes Security Hardware has reputable commercial locksmiths who can provide you with all security installations and regular maintenance for your business. They have the necessary expertise and experience to advise and make recommendations to our clients. Their knowledge and understanding of commercial and industrial standard security ensure excellent customer satisfaction. 

The benefits of a commercial locksmith to your business cannot be overemphasized. Building a good relationship with a reputable commercial locksmith Roseville is a vital investment for businesses. 

Security should remain a top priority and a concern for you and your business. You not only have internal resources to protect, but you should also remember that your clients trust you with their sensitive data.

Commercial Locksmith Roseville

Additionally, whenever an urgent need for commercial locksmith services arises, we just a phone call away. In the course of running a business, issues with locks, file cabinets, and safes will often come up. This is where you need the help of a commercial locksmith Roseville. We can handle such issues and ensure that your business is back to smooth operation as quickly as possible. 

Call us today at (888) 855-6257 or contact us online to request a free quote.

Commercial Locksmith Roseville
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Commercial Locksmith Roseville

Protect Your Premises

You must ensure your premises is well-secured. Hire a reputable and experienced company such as Great Lakes Security Hardware to fit metal roller doors and bars in your  premises. This will surely prevent intruders from gaining access into your property. Call us at (888) 855-6257 or fill out our contact form.

Moved Into A New Home?

When you relocate into a new home, you may want to change locks. Other people might be having copies of the keys that were used before. Here at Great Lakes security Hardware, we can fit ideal locks to protect family members and the belongings. We can also guide you on the necessary locks so as not to invalidate an insurance policy. give us a call today.

Residential Locksmith Macomb

The Top Residential Locksmith Macomb

Our company has been the best local  residential locksmith firm in the region for several years. Our expert technicians always respond to emergency swiftly. All our locksmith experts are bonded, fully licensed, and insured. Besides, they have been offering high-quality residential locksmith services in the region for many years. Therefore, they are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. Indeed, we are the top residential locksmith Macomb in the area. We are rated highly in the industry because of our customer service and the quality that we offer.

No matter where an individual is or what time he or she will call us, our extensively trained and skilled experts will respond quickly to solve the problem.

Expert Residential Locksmith Macomb

As the best residential locksmith Macomb service provider, we have been supplying excellent locksmith services in the area. In case an individual wants to update or install superior security at his or her house, we are the perfect candidate to do the job. Rely on our services and rest assured that the highest quality residential security is guaranteed.

We have professional locksmith technicians who can fix any residential locksmith problem. If one want to install new locks, replace broken locks, install home security systems, add newest window locks, or have been locked out of his home, our residential specialists have the experience and tools needed to provide professional help at an affordable price.

What makes Us Stand Out From Our Competitors

• Technicians trained on the newest locksmith technology

We have teams of professionals who are qualified and certified. They have been extensively trained on the latest residential locksmith technology. Therefore, the locksmith services that they offer are the finest in the region. That is why we are the most preferred residential locksmith services provider in the area.

• Experience

We have offered the best residential locksmith Macomb services for many years in the industry. In addition, we have served many clients since we began this business. So, because of the skills, knowledge, and experience that we have, we supply our customers with the highest quality locksmith services.

• Quality Customer Service

We provide our clients with high-quality customer services. In fact, we treat them exactly the way we would like to be treated by other businesses.


For expert residential locksmith services, we are the best company for the job. Call us now. We guarantee quality.

Residential Locksmith Macomb



Mul-T-Lock – What Is It?

Mul-T-Lock is actually an worldwide distribution selection of high security lock cylinders recognized through the use of a telescopic “pin-within-a pin” tumbler structure as well as horizontally-oriented “dimple” keys. The particular locking mechanisms will be UL-listed and therefore are tough to protect against forceful invasion. The majority of cylinders possess 5 tumblers. Each and every tumbler consists of a strong internal as well as an external pin, offering as many as 10 separately keyed components inside a 5 tumbler lock. (Additionally, there are variations which include extra supplementary security components, which include side pins.

Mul-T-Lock Keyholes

Mul-T-Lock keyholes are oriented width wise inside the plug. Mul-T-Locks Property keys are actually two sided for operator practicality and can easily be inserted both ways, however just the top of the actual Mul-T-Lock key ultimately interacts with the pins. The front-most pin is noticeable underneath the two right wards

Mul-T-Lock Keys

Mul-T-Lock keys look like “dimple” kinds of keys, although unique bittings are actually drilled as two concentric rings, one in the external pin and the other in the internal.

Leading pins in Mul-T-Lock include an interior spring which forces down this internal top pin; the external pin is actually kept down by way of a traditional spring.. The interior of the Mul-T-Lock as well as external bottom pins of the Mul-T-Lock will be kept down through the internal as well as external upper pins, correspondingly. The interior bottom pin contains a slight spool top which stops it from coming out the actual end of this external bottom pin. Expert keying is performed in the straightforward method, with added pin segments.

Various security pin placements are utilized in Mul-T-Lock. A few early versions don’t use any kind of special security pins (other than the interior bottom pin spool), however newer products utilize serrated top external pins. In some cases, mushroom bottom external pins are utilized also. Currently there does not seem to be any kind of unique security pins utilized for the interior top pins.

Just how secure is Mul-T-Lock?  Mul-T-Lock is at the least as secure to protect against force just like any other UL-listed cylinder, integrating hardened pins as well as ballbearings over drill points as well as other possible weak areas. Key management is likely above-average, certainly regarding not authorized commercial copying. Blanks will be limited to contractually-authorized suppliers, and therefore the keys can not be cut using standard low-cost machines. Nevertheless, any reasonably experienced machinist is likely to have little difficulty creating replica keys as well as blanks.

The actual key space in a Mul-T-Lock is adequately big enough to create key switch less likely, using ten various keyed components with no MACS in between tumblers (even though there could be MACS constraints involving the internal and external cuts of any given tumbler).

Ability to resist typical lock picking is great, particularly in cylinders that contain serrated and mushroom pins.  Even so, be aware that due to the telescoping pin set up, beating any one of these cylinders is similar to picking two five pin locks in order than a single ten pin lock. The actual external pins could be picked initially, which enables the plug to flip a couple of degrees, which in turn permits the internal pins to get picked independently. Using suitably modified picking instruments, this isn’t particularly challenging (for cylinders with no security pins). The actual locks likewise seem to be susceptible to vibrations as well as snap-gun lock picking, even though standard commercial equipment designed for this specific function usually do not fit correctly inside the keyway. Impressioning may also be feasible, even though this could require accessibility to blanks as well as specific cutting tools (a standard fine metal file would most likely not be adequate). Foil impressioning might be achievable, however it is difficult because of the little space in between internal and also external pins.

  Call Great Lakes Security Hardware for all your  Mul-T-Lock needs