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Door Latch – What Is It?

A door latch is a kind of mechanical fastener which is used to affix two (or more) objects or surfaces with each other while enabling the regular or eventual separating with the objects or surfaces. The door latch usually activates a second section of hardware on the other mounting surface area. Based upon the type and design of the latch, this particular engaged piece of hardware could be referred to as a keeper or strike. Remember that a latch isn’t the same as the locking mechanism of a typical window or door, despite the fact that they are often located with each other within the exact same product.

What Is A Slam Door Latch?

A latch can vary in complexity from flexible one-piece flat springs of plastic or metal, for instance are utilized to hold blow molded plastic-type power tool cases shut, to a multi-point cammed latch utilized to hold big entry doors shut.

A slam latch utilizes a spring and its triggered through the closing or slamming of the door. Just like any latch, a slam latch is really a mechanism to keep a door shut. The slam latch gets its name from its capability to slam doors as well as drawers closed with no damage to the actual latch. A slam latch is definitely durable and well suited for commercial, agricultural as well as construction functions.

What Is A Cam Lock Door Latch?

A cam lock is a kind of latch containing a base along with a cam. The base of the latch is the place the key or instrument is utilized to turn the cam, and that is what does the latch. Cams are generally straight or offset; offset cams usually are reversible.

A cabin hook latch is actually a hooked bar which engages straight into a staple. The bar is generally fastened permanently into a ring or staple which is set with screws or nails to woodwork or a wall surface along at the same level as the eye screw. The eye screw is normally screwed in to the adjoining wall structure or into the door itself. Designed to latch a cabinet, door or gate open or closed. Latch

Locksets as well as mortise locks are available in mechanical and electromechanical variations. Several of the more complex control systems use electromechanical variations, particularly wherever supervisors would like electronic keypads, card readers or biometric devices to regulate accessibility to a particular area of a building.

Anytime it is designed with a built-in or plug-in, full-wave bridge rectifier, the particular devices run on both AC and DC power. The majority of devices function at 12 volts or 24 volts, however some call for 120 voltage. Locksets come with an electrical solenoid which retracts or extends the bolt. Supervisors can easily designate several of these devices to become field changeable from fail safe to fail secure, or visa-versa.

Mortise locks offer outstanding mechanical security. They are ranked for usage in any door, including up to three-hour fire-rated units, so they can be field handed, or simply modified to use on right-or left-hand doors.

Several access control systems in commercial, institutional and government buildings have become reader- and computer-based. These kinds of systems have fallen in price, and many are actually network-based. Readers transmit signals or data to processor-based field panels, where accessibility decisions are made. They may be magnetic stripe, proximity, smart card, or biometric readers, or some mix of these.

The actual door hardware can become long-term difficulties for many maintenance as well as engineering departments. Regardless of whether keypads, card readers or biometric devices control the doors, the hardware can keep the repairs and maintenance personnel rather busy.

Door-position sensors – contacts – are typically secured onto or in the header or framework, and so they perform multiple functions. They indicate the status on the door to security and safety personnel, and they usually interact with the various other security components of the door through the access-control system control logic to instantly re-energize the lock as soon as the door has opened up to make certain it’s secure after shutting.

Functionally, these are either mechanical switches or magnetic reed switches, with the latter deemed alot more dependable. A magnetic contact switch features two components. The magnetically operable switch is actually situated inside a glass tube sealed in a plastic or metal housing. This particular assembly will get installed in the header or framework. Once the magnet gets inside a specific range of the switch, the magnetic field closes the switch, completing the circuit.

Recessed contacts resist tampering and they are much more attractive compared to their surface-mounted counterparts. But when not installed correctly, they could work their way outside of the cavity, inevitably being sheared off by the closing door.

Careless customers may knock-off surface-mounted switches, therefore supervisors need to make sure these types of switches suit the particular application and that also qualified professionals have them installed on the secure side of the door.

Manufacturers likewise produce locking hardware using built-in door contacts or switches. These switches typically don’t have the 4- to 6-inch range of their stand alone counterparts, leading to more false alarms. Mechanical ball-type switches are typically maintenance problems, and supervisors ought to stay away from them except if special circumstances call for their use.

The latest kind of door switch is actually a part of the hinge and functions on the same reed concept. Its functions are restricted simply because not all types of hinges have got this option.

Additionally they may not be as secure as their header-mounted counterparts. The door has to be opened up even further for the circuit to open up. Security and safety personnel typically would want to see a switch circuit open up when the door is open 4-6 inches wide.

Where by an electrically operated mechanism is really essential to the door itself, electrical power needs to transfer through the frame to the door. Specifiers may achieve this requirement by utilizing either an electric hinge or a power-transfer device.

A electric power door cord is also an alternative solution, however it is often unsightly. These are basically flexible metallic cords by using wiring which affix to the frame on one end and also the door on the other end.

Power-transfer devices are usually one of the most dependable, given that they typically don’t help support the door’s weight, and have more substantial enclosures, and utilize larger-gauge wire.

Door Latch


Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial locksmith in Michigan employing technology in our business.

The word locksmith may be an old word but the services are certainly the opposite. A modern commercial locksmith in Michigan uses locks or security devices that utilize access control system technology. These security devices are equipped with smart electronic systems and machinery. Good examples are biometric scanners. These tools make it even harder for thieves to breach your security.

A commercial locksmith in Michigan is one of the most important things that business owners should look for if they are starting an enterprise. Investing in a business is not a petty matter. Therefore, business owners must ensure that there are no risks or threats posed on their ventures. It is just reasonable to reinforce the security in the business premises. None can do this job better than Great Lakes Security Hardware commercial locksmiths in Michigan.

As a commercial locksmith in Michigan

We do not just provide and install high-quality locks. Their services include studies about the commercial structure, its passages, the location and security lock maintenance.

As a commercial locksmith in Michigan we survey the commercial structure to determine how many entrances are used. This way, we can determine the required level of security as well as the types of locks that are used. The passages of the business structure will tell us how people go around the area. This information is useful especially during closing time because the knowledge allows business owners to systematically close and secure the business premises. Ultimately, there will be no doors left unlocked.

The location plays an important part in providing security for businesses. It has many things to do with the demographics and general culture of the people in the area. This information is used to identify the possible scenarios of theft break-in. Having this foresight allows us your commercial locksmith in Michigan to prevent theft attempts.

Moreover, a commercial locksmith in Michigan evaluates the current security system of its clients’ business properties. This helps commercial locksmiths in Michigan determine if the current security scheme is still effective. If not, the commercial locksmith service provider will suggest steps on how to improve the safety of the business.

A commercial locksmith service provider will also look at the locks and the keys periodically. If the locks are no longer functioning at its peak or the keys have worn out, the service provider will have it replaced. That is because they understand that a business owner cannot risk losing his investments to thieves by a rusty lock and a worn out key. A reputable commercial locksmith in Michigan will provide these services for your security and satisfaction.

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Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors Sales, Service & Installation in Michigan.

In order to ensure that your commercial doors in Michigan work well and are durable, it is always best to get them professionally installed. The benefits will outweigh the costs. As professionals we are able to custom fit the doors to the buildings and will give the best advice on what materials complement the building’s architectural style. We also understand the safety, fire and disability regulations and will ensure the doors are compliant. At Great Lakes Security Hardware we also offer guarantees on the doors installed which is an added advantage in case of any malfunction.

There are different types of commercial doors found in Michigan.

Commercial doors are used in commercial buildings such as office buildings, retail shops and stores, restaurants, hotels and in schools. In addition to making a building secure, doors also serve aesthetic purposes. They should make strong first impressions on customers or clients. When making a selection from the wide array of commercial doors certain factors need to be considered.

You should consider the type of material to be used for the door. Commercial doors withstand more use and movement than residential doors so the material chosen should be durable. These doors are usually made of wood, fiber glass, glass, aluminum or steel. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. The amount of traffic the door will handle on a daily basis and its placement play a role in selecting the door type. For instance, the type of door chosen for a bank will not be the same as that for a restaurant or retail store. In the restaurant, the front door and the back door serve distinct purposes and will have to be different. One should also take into consideration the design of the building, the quality and stability of the materials used and the overall cost of the door and its installation.

The following are the different types of commercial doors in Michigan that we offer. There are automatic or revolving commercial doors which are highly useful in retail stores or anywhere people need to carry or push items through theelectronic commercial doors doors. They are easy to open and come fitted with motion sensors which automatically open the doors when a person approaches. These doors are also handy for use by people who have disabilities. The other types of commercial doors are revolving doors which consist of two revolving door panes set perpendicularly to each other and divided into four quarters. These are useful in areas with high people traffic as they provide entrance and exit at the same time. They are energy efficient in that they protect against the elements.

Impact commercial doors are also available and are designed to swing inwards, outwards or both ways. They are suitable for indoor use in places like restaurant kitchens where there is high traffic and hygiene is maintained because people do not touch door knobs continuously. For buildings where there is constant loading and delivery of goods, overhead doors are ideal. These doors are typically made of aluminum or steel and are fitted on a panel which slides upwards giving access to the building.

Impact commercial doors in michigan

Using us at Great Lakes Security Hardware to get your commercial doors in Michigan installed will ensure the whole process is timely, efficient and hassle-free.


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Safes have traditionally been used to keep high quantities of money safe.

There was a time when every workplace paid wages in cash and this had to be stored somewhere before it was issued. Shops, post offices and banks all had safes often in plain view where there money was stored. Many pictures taken in the nineteenth century and early twentieth show a proud storekeeper leaning on their mighty safe. Businesses have always needed safes and it is still true today. Wages these days are no longer paid in cash by most employers and the world is moving towards electronic purchases but many people still use cash to buy groceries, fuel and other everyday items. This cash has to be stored safely and aside from bank drop boxes a safe is the most secure option.

It is better to lock the cash in the safe overnight and for it to be picked by a security guard the next day then it is to put it all in a bag and walk a few blocks to the drop box. Not only is the cash likely to be swiped but it is very likely the unlucky gopher carrying the bag will have a sore head at the very least probably worse. Leaving the cash overnight presents a risk as well.

Businesses need safes to store not only their cash but their important files, valuables and countless examples of documents.

As in the design of home safes, business safes are designed to be unobtrusive and affordable for even the smallest company or store. After all not every business will need a vault to store things in. Anyway the vaults prove too tempting to European bank robbers trying their luck in the USA. Unless you have John McClane on speed dial it is probably best to go for a more reasonable type of safe. Businesses may also wish to consider other forms of protection like lap top safes or even fire resistant filing cabinets. Its not always naughty balaclava clad burglars that can take things away. Fire does an equally good job and it is worth remembering that after a fire you will never get anything that is lost back. Insurance cover will help but some things are irreplaceable. Imagine losing records of customers orders or invoices or even personal property that people have given you temporarily.
Nowadays safes no longer have to dominate the workplace.

Types of Safes

They can be hidden or designed to look like everyday objects. Of course some people like to show others that they put their valuables in a safe as a deterrent almost. You can choose a safe like this if you wish. One that stands out and says’ Thats right, its all in the safe and you can’t get it!’ It may be more convenient to choose a smaller safe but they will all do the same job.

Home Safes

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Automatic Doors Commercial

Complying with the ADA Laws

It is mandatory for all businesses in the US to keep their commercial premises compliant with ADA (Americans with electronic doors commercialDisabilities Act) guidelines. The Act defines rules and regulations that must be complied by every business that operates out of a building. This makes it necessary for building owners to use products and equipments that help comply with the ADA laws. In this category of products, there are commercial automatic door openers for disabled individuals. These openers are simple small devices that open the door automatically. The door opens up after receiving the signal which can be relayed to it through a switch, the remote or a sensor.

Types of Commercial Door Openers

Commercial automatic door openers for disabled individuals are simple additional units that are installed to open the doors automatically. The motors and other electronic components used in the opener, control the opening and closing mechanism of the door. There are three types of door systems that are generally used at commercial establishments. One design that moves on hinge is similar to the doors installed at homes. Another is the sliding type that slides on the railing on the ground, and the third is the revolving type that generally has four glass panels. Automatic door openers are available for all types of door designs.

Systems and Mechanisms Used in Openers

Some of the commercial automatic door openers for disabled people combine other components such as sensors to detect the presence of a person or something at the door. There are also remote and switch systems that are used to operate the door opener. The door opens instantly after receiving the signal from the remote, switch or the sensor. For the sliding doors, the opener with motorized system is used. This opener pushes and pulls the door sideways for opening and closing the entrance. The door-mount system is used to open the doors that move on the hinge.

Extensive Support & Service System

For proper installation of these door openers, it is important to use the services of contractors who specialize in this type of work. We have the necessary expertise and the right tools to install such products properly. While simple home systems can be installed without professional assistance, the commercial automatic door openers for disabled individuals require hiring contractors who offer such installation services. These door openers are used extensively all over the country at commercial establishments and buildings. It means, a wide range of dealers and support systems for these products are available almost everywhere. If something goes wrong with the unit then the defective items can be repaired or replaced easily.

Benefits Everyone

Individuals with disabilities appreciate the convenience of automatic door openers at commercial premises. Such a system presents the company to the customers and public in a positive light. Nowadays, even small businesses and offices install commercial automatic door openers for disabled people. Automatic door openers require electricity to operate. If there are power outages then these units can be run using the battery or any other power backup system. Automatic door openers not only assist people with disabilities but also make the door opening easier for elderly, children and workers carrying load.