How to Reduce the Risk of Forced Entry?

You must determine the most appropriate level of protection that is required by your firm and this depends largely on what your firm is used for and where it is located. Contact Great Lake Security Hardware today at 888-855-6257 if you are looking to up your security game and become untouchable.

Rotted Wood Replacement

Rotted wood in your door framing should be replaced. Anybody wanting to break into your house can just pry off rotted wood and get inside. Call us today at 888.855.6257 if you need more tips or information about security doors.

Your Home Security

Your home security begins at your front door with your deadbolt and lock. We recommend the use of only high-quality door locks from the trusted dealers or brands. Here at Great Lakes Security Hardware we sells quality locks that hardly fail. Looking for a reliable, professional and affordable locksmith service in Roseville? Call Great Lakes Security Hardware at 888-855-6257

Benefits of Security Doors

At Great Lakes Security Hardware, Roseville, Michigan, our certified locksmiths are specialized in the installation of the best security doors. As a certified locksmith company with over 25 years of experience, rest assured that we will help you to choose the door that best suit your needs. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware at 888-855-6257.

Best Security Doors, Roseville MI

It is obvious that burglaries is a big concern in society, and Great Lakes Security Hardware has the best solution for that. By applying our experts` experience and competency, we help in enhancing the security of your home or business. We are highly experienced and always ready to examine and match the finest security doors option with the aim of preventing crimes. Give us a call today at 888-855-6257.

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Security Doors

From wireless locks to mobile locks and beyond, the security lock and hardware space has revolutionized in the modern times and provide means to address the latest access control trends. Habitually a building’s security doors are thought to be the main security deterrent. Even though these doors are the key factor of a well-designed security hardware system, they are only a single part.

A door system would include the frames, hinges, the door handle, the closure, the door, and lock mechanism. These mechanical locks are designed to allow these doors to function properly and provide security, however; the security hardware industry is not as cut-and-dried as it used to be.

In fact, these critical systems are now following the industry trend which means that security hardware is not moving towards electronic systems. The reason for this is the heightened awareness that is present today in terms of security.

Even though most installations today depend on keys, electronic systems are being installed in places where security is the number one priority. Most institutions still rely on using keys, however; departments inside the organization must be kept segregated from normal access and be tightly controlled.

Buildings that have a higher risk of being attacked will opt for a more sophisticated locking system. The proper evaluation will be conducted to decide what type of protection is needed in the organization and to determine the most cost-effective system suited for the organization. Contact Great Lake Security Hardware today and choose the best in the industry for all your security requirements.

One major thing to remember when choosing an electronic system is to sustain an uninterrupted power supply.  Some latest card styles that have changed the security hardware and door locking system include:

  • Hollerith Cards that are commonly used for hotel rooms. The card is inserted in the designated place, and the lock opens once the card matches the registered information.
  • Proximity cards; these cards are embedded with microcircuits that can emit frequencies. This frequency can then be detected by the card reader within a range of 2 to 4 inches.
  • Biometric cards; these cards substantiate identities on the basis of biometric physiognomies such as handprints, voice, face, eye pattern and also vein identification.

What Can You Expect In 2018?

The consumer preferences of Millennials are fostering growth in multiple industries and the security hardware market is of no exception. Rapid innovations taking place in the security market, globally and locally, has offered residents with access to a variety of hardware solutions to keep their housing and businesses safe.

Some trends that may help in shaping home security further down the road include more power to app-based smart security systems, connected security platforms and advanced features based on child security.

Excellent companies such as Great Lake Security Hardware keeps a close eye on all latest trends and include the best working practices in their work. Get your hands on the most affordable yet amazing security services in Roseville. Contact us today at 888-855-6257 for best security hardware sales, service and installation services.

Security Doors

Security Doors

Forced Entry Macomb Co

How to Reduce the Risk of Forced Entry?

Each facility possesses unique security needs and every organization calls for protection against forced entry. The challenge, however, lies in figuring out the degree of protection required, depending upon the nature of the facility. It is also important to figure out the products most suitable for the security needs of the facility.

Like everything else in the world, security systems have also transformed majorly. These designs now include ratings to assess the performance of the security product, alongside bearing an ability to resist six attackers for an hour. A door assembly is first in line when it comes to a building’s defence mechanism. This implies that the stronger the hardware security in the door, the lower the risk of harm towards people and property in a situation of forced entry. You can’t really manage your security needs all by yourself. For this reason, hire Great Lake Security Hardware to fulfil all your security needs in a top-notch manner.

The question arises; how can we reduce the risk of forced entry?

  • Define The Security Requirements

This is the initial step in preparing your organization against forced entry. You must determine the most appropriate level of protection that is required by your firm and this depends largely on what your firm is used for and where it is located. By hiring a trusted company such as Great Lake Security Hardware, you can ease yourself off the task and let professionals handle all your security needs.

Government and banks are at more risk for physical attacks whereas retail and commercial tenants are mostly concerned with theft. To secure your building, it is important that you distinguish the type of threat your organization hold and then address it accordingly.

If you are worried about a physical attack then bullet resistant doors are your best bet whereas, for prevention from burglary, you can opt for steel stiffeners and reinforced hardware with seamless welds.

  • Find The Perfect Amount Of Security

The aftermath of any tragedy can leave people feeling vulnerable and robbed out of their sense of security. As a result, the degree of security implemented by the organization is increased that is way beyond the required step taken to protect the building’s residents. This sudden change in security system gives birth to unnecessary costs.

Which is why it is important to find the perfect amount of security required by your organization and any person looking after the security needs of the building should take into consideration the following factors when determining the security requirement;

  • Budget
  • Risk of physical attack and the type
  • The severity of the risk
  • Will bullet resistant doors make sense?
  • Should the windows and doors be retrofitted?

Once the security requirements are determined and the right amount of security is decided, your organization can then go ahead and order a service from their local security hardware. You must know beforehand that these security doors look just like ordinary doors; however, their performance is what counts.

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Are you looking to up your security game and become untouchable? Contact Great Lake Security Hardware today at 888-855-6257 and get your hands on the best security services in Roseville, MI.

Forced Entry

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Storefront Doors Installations And Repairs

Thanks for visiting us today. Great Lakes Security Hardware is the leader in storefront doors installations and repairs. We understand that the entrance to the businesses of our customers says a lot regarding what is offered inside. Indeed, the first impression is important, and that is why business owners should always choose the right storefront doors installation & repair company.

Great Lakes Security Hardware specializes in installation and repair of commercial & retail properties across the area. We offer high-quality installation and repair services 24/7.

Our Services

We install and repair the following:

• Aluminum and glass swing doors

• Sliding glass doors

• Custom entrances

• Manual entries

• Automatic & ADA doors

• Locks & Handles

• And many others

Our technicians at Great Lakes Security Hardware has been installing and repairing storefront doors for years. This just means that when you hire our services, we will pour our years of competence and expertise into the project. However, that’s not all. We ensure that the job is completed fast. At Great Lakes Security Hardware, we have mobile trucks that are equipped with all the parts that are required to complete repairs on the first visit. Our technicians use professionally crafted parts. Qualified technicians do all our repairs and installations in order to guarantee a safe surrounding for visitors.

Don’t wait. Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware now. We supply and install new doors for stores. In addition, we fix broken storefront doors. We offer free and fast quotes.

We Don’t Disappoint Our Customers

Our firm is managed by professionals who treat our clients equally, and exactly the way we would also like others to treat us. All our door repairs & installations are handled by experts who are well trained and certified. Therefore, hire us now and be sure that the project will be done by professionals who ensure that the work is done on-time, and with high respect for our client’s property.

Our experienced technicians know well that safety is one of the key issues in a business or even home. For that reason, our company has set the highest standards for proper door installations & repairs.

Why We Beat Our Competitors

Great Lakes Security Hardware is the best firm in the industry because of many factors. Some of the reasons include:

• Experience

• Outstanding customer services

• Competitive pricing

• Reliable services

• Well-trained, and qualified technicians

• Committed personnel

Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware now for the highest quality installation and repair of storefront doors.

Storefront Doors

Residential Security Doors

Residential Security Doors – Roseville MI

The rising number of burglaries is a big concern in society, and Great Lakes Security Hardware has the best solution for that. By applying our experts` experience and competency, we help in enhancing the security of your home. Our company`s highly motivated teams are always ready to examine our client`s home and match the finest residential security doors option with the aim of preventing crimes.

Without a doubt, we are the specialists the area, and we have been specializing in residential security doors supply, installations, servicing, and repairs for decades. Our company, Great Lakes Security Hardware, provides a variety of security doors for apartments, houses, hotels, theaters, hospitals, and vaults among various other public & privately owned houses. Our customers are special, and we give them an opportunity to be part of our company. Therefore, they select the security doors that they want. That way, we ensure that their expectations are met, and they are always 100% satisfied.

We have been aiming to ensure that we take care of our clients from the first visit all the way to the last installation day. We have teams of security door experts who are always prepared to guide our customers throughout the initial steps of choosing the finest security parameters, design and locks variations. It is our company`s promise to give all our customers full support irrespective of their budgets, and supply the highest quality security doors that they want—invincible, beautiful, and easy to use. All our security doors are of high quality.

Why Choose Us

• We Are Professionals

For decades, our firm has supplied the highest quality security doors. In addition, Great Lakes Security Hardware experts have served many customers. Therefore, we are security door professionals. Our security company prides itself on the knowledge, competency, and the expertise of our technicians.

• We Are Reliable

Our security services are reliable. We offer top door security services. In addition, we respond promptly to all domestic security doors emergencies.

• We Offer Affordable Security Doors Services

All our security services are priced competitively. Just choose Great Lakes Security Hardware and be sure to get affordable security door services.

• We Have Superb Customer Services

Our security company has approachable and very friendly customer support. Our support representatives are always prepared to receive any call from any client—day and night.

Contact Great Lakes Security Hardware for the highest quality residential security doors.

Residential Security Doors


Commercial Security Doors

By going with Great Lakes Security Hardware for your commercial security door needs, you’ll receive an experience that is timely and hassle-free. You’ll get the selection you need with the service you trust.

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